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the ET was cancelled because of Bleeding when doctor put the catheter !! what to do???

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gcerron Thu 27-Nov-14 11:46:24

Hello girls I am so upset. Every thing was ready for the ETyesterday, but I had little brownie spots the night before. Yesterday the doctor analysed the lining and everything looked fine until she introduced the catheter and asked the embriologist for not to bring the embryos because I had some bleeding and probably my progesterone level dropped, and it's not good to go ahead when there is blood!! I am scared now that I won't have any medication and just wait until normal cycle in January to proceed, how effective will be that transfer?? what do I need to ask to the doctor? What to do? Any advice pls!!. I had 7cells two embryos ready to be transferred and they are going to be frozen blush so upset!!

BadgerFace Thu 27-Nov-14 13:44:40

Aw, gcerron I really feel for you. It must be terribly disappointing but don't be disheartened.

If it's any comfort, I had an appointment yesterday to talk about a frozen cycle and one of the questions I asked the doctor was whether it was the right thing to do or if we should try another fresh cycle, i.e. was a fresh cycle more likely to give us a positive result. He said the freezing had no effect on the likelihood of a pregnancy so if these embryos were going to be successful for you, they will still be successful in January from a FET.

In my case my frozen embryos are 2 years old so younger than if I tried a fresh cycle now so I'm hoping are our best shot. We're probably on for a January FET cycle if we don't get a natural miracle birth between now and then.

My fresh cycle two years ago was nearly cancelled due to our clinic moving buildings and my down-regging took longer than they anticipated (although still in a normal window so they must have planned badly!) so I completely empathise as I remember how upset I was at the thought of it being cancelled mid-treatment.

Have you had any further feedback from the clinic?

Don't stop believing You'll get there.

naty1 Thu 27-Nov-14 15:22:28

Did they test progesterone levels?
Better to cancel than go ahead - as apparently even a difficult transfer can reduce implantation.
Hope they freeze well. Also if they grow to day 5 you may only need to put 1 back and save other for another time.
If your prog has dropped what will they do next time?
Do you have short cycles?
Spotting before period?
Thyroid issues?
Were you on prog supplements like cyclogest?

gcerron Thu 27-Nov-14 16:25:09

Thank you for replying girls.

badger you alleviated me with your doctor's answer. I hope everything goes well in January for both of us!! Tomorrow I will receive a calling from the clinic regarding other additional 2 embryos that had just 6 cells in their D3 and if they do blastocyst they are going to freeze them as well. But I have already 2 embryos of 7 cells frozen yesterday in their D3. So I would like to ask further about my case, but what are the right questions to do in order to continue reading about my situation?

naty1 I hope they will freeze well and survive the thaw as well. I dont know what are they going to do next time, I was in shock that I didnt understand well, I think they are going to asses my lining again and if that looks good enough to do the transfer, also I imagine they are going to do some blood test as well. My cycle in average are 30 days and I have never had spotting before period. Yes I was with Cyclogest twice a day and Clexane at nights. Now I wont have any medication and just wait until January AF and I must go to the clinic again in my D8. I dont know if I have thyroid issues, do you think they assessed that while I was doing this cycle of Mild-IVF?

Thank you girls!!all the best for you both

BadgerFace Thu 27-Nov-14 17:45:18

I guess I would be asking why do they think you bled if it is out of character for your cycles - is it a common side effect of the drugs you're on for example, and what will they do differently next time? I'm sure it won't be the first time the clinic have seen what happened in your cycle so I am sure they'll give you a good debrief.

If you are now waiting until a FET in January then I think it may not be unusual to have no medication between now and then although I don't know very much about different FET protocols you can do apart from the natural option versus medicated. I was told that my medicated cycle would be get period, then start buserelin injections on day 21 for 2 weeks, scan, then two weeks of a tablet whose names I forget, scan and then 5 days of progesterone suppositories. So it's much less faffing about than a fresh cycle and of course there is no EC which for me was the worst bit of the fresh cycle. Some people also take the pill at the begining for 3 weeks although that's ruled out for me due to family history.

There are other situations where ET doesn't happen during a fresh cycle, like OHSS (which I narrowly avoided!), where the embryos are instead frozen for a later FET so you are not alone.

gcerron Sat 29-Nov-14 13:42:01

Thank you for replying Badger, I came back to work yesterday with resignation of what happened and just trying to think positive, at least I have 2 embryos.

As you mentioned it has sense that they stop any medication and my husband refreshed me my mind that they said that they are going to assess the uterus lining and if I need they will give me some pills, all of that will begin at the 8th day of my period. I just talk with the doctor and he said that I had some blood in the neck of womb, that is why they stop the ET, and I had 11.5mm of the lining.

We are not alone, so finger crossed we will have a successful time in January but it will be fantastic if December is your month and you get pregnant by then!

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