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Anyone paid privately for a HSG?

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AWombWithoutAFoof Sat 22-Nov-14 18:10:19

I'm 43, with one DC. Have been TTC for about two years.

Conceived DD (4) two cycles after an HSG, and I believe there's anecdotal evidence it can aid conception.

Tests done a year ago (don't ask, we were drifting in the NHS system for a long time) show good ovarian reserves and the consultant said I'm ovulating. OH's SA is normal except for a low percentage of anti-sperm antibodies.

I hadn't thought until posting another thread that it was a possibility that the condition of my tubes could have changed, but I'm now thinking if there's no obvious cause (albeit I'm 43), the course of action for a first pregnancy would be to do an HSG test.

We can't afford IVF, but I was wondering about the costs of an HSG. Presumably there would be the price of the consultation and new tests. Any ideas of the cost?

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 23-Nov-14 09:04:41

Good ovarian reserves does not mean in itself that you are ovulating regularly now. You may be 43 but ovaries age very quickly and the quality of eggs along with the amount in reserve diminishes rapidly.

You both need up to date test results as anything done over 6 months ago should be discounted. HSG can be done (I would think that would cost a couple of hundred pounds these days) but initially I would get complete and up to date bloodwork for yourself along with semen analyses (so not just one test) for him.

The fact that there was (and likely still is) a low percentage of anti sperm antibodies will cause problems in its own right and that has to be treated.

Shoegal30 Mon 24-Nov-14 06:46:09

I had HSG done privately last Christmas and it cost around £400. Good luck x

AWombWithoutAFoof Tue 25-Nov-14 08:44:43

Thanks Shoe, have a GP appointment in a couple of weeks to ask about speedy options.

Jessewalt Tue 25-Nov-14 10:49:16

I can echo what shoegal said, I had one this year and it was around £400.
Whilst waiting for your GP appointment, I would do some research yourself on private clinics in your area. My GP has been great, but I actually referred myself to the private clinic and did not need any referral for them (except for the NHS) referral.
All the best x

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