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Sunday 22/11 Egg Collection in my D16 of Mild IVF

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gcerron Sat 22-Nov-14 15:02:48

Today is my D15 with the Mild IVF procedure, tomorrow is the egg collection at 9:15am I got 5 follicles range 13mm to 20mm in my D13, the doctor said that she expects that the little one 13mm grows more until D16. My Luteinising Hormone is 1.80 and Oestradiol is 4371pmol/L. Does anybody can tell me what is my situation? and other question is, once I have Ovitrelle does the follicles continue growing or they stop?. Any tips for tomorrow when I will have the egg collection? I was reading already but maybe some other ideas will come up!! thank you!!

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