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Any on looking to start ivf/icsi in the new year?

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lucieloos Fri 21-Nov-14 15:06:23

Just wondering if anyone would like to keep me company and share the ivf/icsi journey. DH and I are both 35 years old and have been trying to conceive our first child for 10months. DH has lowish sperm motility and I have a low amh (7.24). We haven't had any luck so far and so the next step will be ivf with icsi in the new year. We are thinking of starting end of feb or march. Would be great to share the journey with others in similar situations and hopefully make some friends along the way smile

Jessewalt Fri 21-Nov-14 16:51:49

Yes I am in similar situation. I am looking to start ICSI in January/feb. We are both 33 and been trying for 18months. DH has low motility too. My investigations so far have been ok.
I just booked my consent appointment at the clinic for 2 weeks. It all feels quite real now. I always hoped that it would miraculously happen the month prior to ICSI and I hope that happens for you too!
Although we would have qualified for nhs, we decided on private as wait to be seen for initial investigations in my area is 10months. As we know there is an issue, we don't want to wait any longer.
Keep me posted, and super good luck,
Jesse x

Danaust Fri 21-Nov-14 17:53:47

I am hoping to start in the new year. I am 38 and have endo and low amh. No issues with DH.

I have a 22 month old dc from my first round of ivf which I did whilst living abroad. I also did a second round in May this year( also whilst abroad) also positive but miscarried at 9 weeks sadly.

I have been referred to nhs for treatment as my dr says I qualify but am still waiting.
@jesse I'm just curious how you know how long the waiting list Is in your area. I've just been told by my gp to wait for a call...not helpful really...

Good luck to you both-it's quite a journey.

Jessewalt Fri 21-Nov-14 20:38:40

Hi Dan. I received a letter after my referral was sent by the gp, from the assisted conception nhs unit in my area, providing us with some basic info, including a phone number for general enquiries. I phoned after 4 months to find out how long wait was and they said 10months for initial appointment. We had already had some tests done privately and continued to go down that route, whilst also waiting for nhs.
The one thing I have learned from the past 18months, is that you have to push hard to get the Investigations and treatment, even in the private sector.

lucieloos Fri 21-Nov-14 21:42:18

Hi Jesse and Dan, lovely to hear from you both. I am also hoping that it miraculously happens before we start ivf but I don't really think it's going to. I'm struggling a little at the moment with the thought that we can't conceive naturally but trying to remain positive as so long as we can have a baby it doesn't really matter how it gets there.

We are also going private as I think it's something stupid like 18 months wait on the nhs here and given our age and my amh we just can't afford to leave it that long.

Have they given you a date to start Jesse? What sort of level is your dhs motility? Have you been trying supplements etc to improve it? My dh is on a concoction of vitamins and is also having acupuncture but not sure if it will help at all.

Danaust Sat 22-Nov-14 22:12:58

@jesse thanks for the info-I just cannot get over the wait times in the UK. I will def go private if I find out we have an extended wait ahead-I don't have time to lose either

@lucie I think it's completely normal to feel that way; I felt the same. I think that no matter what, there is always hope that it can occur naturally.

It's great that you are feeling positive; sounds like you/your DH are taking all the right measures to optimise your outcomes when it comes to undertaking the treatment.

BadgerFace Wed 26-Nov-14 17:54:40

Hello, we are looking at a FET starting in January so slightly different but could do with some buddies on the journey! I have a 22 month from a successful IVF cycle so we are looking to use the frozen embryos now. We've been trying naturally and again are hoping for a November/December miracle but in my heart I always thought we'd end up back on the IVF train.

I was on an amazing support thread last time, which is what got me into Mumsnet. smile

We had our first appointment with the clinic this morning to talk about options and I ended up with blood tests there and then and paying for the cycle so full steam ahead now! I'll probably be starting down-regging injections at the beginning of Feb, depending when my painters turn up in Jan. We are also likely to move house in Feb/March so could be interesting timing!!

Jessewalt Wed 26-Nov-14 22:16:14

Hi lucie
Progressive motility (apparently that is all that really matters) has varied from 10-19%. I thought that would be fine given that he has 90million sperm per ml but apparently not!

We have our consent appointment in early December, and we can start whenever my next period begins. Suspect January will be the month.

Apprehensive, and not getting my hopes up. We are looking on it as just the next step. Have been quoted approx 40% chance per cycle.

Some days I am focused and positive, and others I feel so peeved that we have been so unlucky. Like so many people on here, I have an amazing husband, and I have also told several people in real life. I don't want infertility/subfertility to be an embarrassing or taboo subject, which for some reason it still is. Having said that, I am not going to tell my work - so I must have some issues with it!

lucieloos Wed 26-Nov-14 22:49:48

Sounds like we are in a very similar situation Jesse. My dh had progressive motility of 27% on the first test and only 8% on the second. However the clinic didn't analyse the second test until over 2 hours after the sample was taken so we think that may have affected it quite a bit so not putting too much weight on that one but it's still not happening for us anyway. He also has a really good sperm count, morphology etc. I had thought that as he had more sperms then it would all equalise out but doesn't appear so. Have you had an amh test done? Mine fell in the low bracket hmm

It's exciting that you are getting started so soon. Please keep us updated on your progress. Would be great if we could all share our journeys together.

Welcome to the thread badger, that's great that you have already had a successful round of ivf. How many frozen blasts did you get?

BadgerFace Thu 27-Nov-14 13:58:17

We've got 6 frozen blasts. I assumed that they defrosted 2 or 3 on a FET in case one didn't thaw but the doctor said they only thaw one so that's a potential 6 rounds! Which is a slightly scary (and expensive!) thought...

BadgerFace Thu 01-Jan-15 17:14:48

How is everyone? January is here!

We've got our nurse's appointment on Tuesday and then my cycle will start wheny period arrives which should be sometime between 7 and 14 Jan although injections won't start until day 21. It's all quite close now, Eeeek!

Persipan Thu 01-Jan-15 20:34:22

I should be starting IVF in late January/early February. They've got me on the Pill as a warm-up act...

KittenCamile Fri 02-Jan-15 08:26:13

Hey, we start this month, period due on sunday, have to call hospital once that starts so we can get my drugs and then start 21 days later. My DP has azoospermia so no sperm, he had his surgical sperm retrieval in sept and we got 3 vials, enough for 1 poss 2 cycles. I have no fertility issues so it comes down to how the sperm thaw. DP has a DD from a previous so we are private.

I'm feeling positive and terrified in equal measures, have been having acupuncture, abdominal massage and started tai chi to distract and relax me but it's so close now!

I also have days when I get upset we can't do this naturally, especially as DSD was conceived naturally, it's hard not to have bitter days and I find it very hard to be around her at the moment but I have to keep thinking it will all be over in a few months and we have a chance of a family at the end.

Good luck everyone

hawaiibaby Fri 02-Jan-15 09:19:31


Glad I saw this. We are planning to start at end of Feb or March, waiting to hear back from the clinic. We have DS from icsi (successful first time). We were referred due to DH factor. I was fine but have since had a natural pregnancy that was ectopic and I lost my left tube. This shouldn't impact on ivf though at least.

Kitten - I did acupuncture too - found it really helpful and relaxing.

I also loved the zita west meditation thingy - listened to it most days. I'm not normally into that kind of stuff but it definitely helped, I wanted to throw everything at it!

I didn't find the process too bad at all - much better that I thought it would be. Just wanted to share in case that is of help to anyone worried.
If anyone is interested, this is a piece I wrote about our TTC / IVf journey - light-hearted ish as I know there is already a lot of in-depth stuff out there.

keeponjuggling Fri 02-Jan-15 21:23:00

Hi everyone, we're also hoping to start early this year. We have one miracle baby who is now 3, no idea quite how we managed it as I have low AMH, high FSH and short cycles. We were blissfully unaware of all of this first time round. We're eligible for investigations on nhs but will be paying for ivf. Just waiting on our follow up consultation and then hopefully we can get started. Like most of you we keep hoping for that (second) miracle before we get to ivf. Hawaii - I just reads your blog, thank you for sharing, it's such a tough journey and you describe it perfectly. congratulations on your little one. Good luck everyone, I hope you all get what you're wishing for in 2015.

warriorbot Fri 02-Jan-15 22:46:43

Just started our first IVF cycle at CRGH. They've been lovely so far, working around my cycle timings so we could start this month even though it meant doing some things back to front. Chronologically, that is - I didn't reverse cowgirl the vaginal ultrasound!

It's CD 14 and I started 11 days of progesterone today. I start sniffing buserelin next week. I'm due to start stimming around the 18th Jan, depending on when my bleed happens once I stop the progesterone.

I'm very excited. Daunted, headachy from the progesterone and financially screwed but very excited... Makes a nice change from how the last few cycles have felt. Especially as I turned 40 three weeks ago.

Wishing us all un-patronising consultants, kindly and capable sonographers, wizard embryologists and superb nurses!

BadgerFace Sat 03-Jan-15 07:54:03

Good to meet you all! We're self-funding at King's in London and from my first consultation it seems that lots of the nurses are the same as 3 years ago when we did this so that's quite comforting as they were all so nice and supportive.

Persian, is this your first cycle? I'm skipping the pill stage due to family breast cancer history, and I can't remember what it's used for? Is it to be able to time when you period will come and the cycle starts?

Kitten it sounds like you are well prepared. I did acupuncture for 3 months for my first cycle. You've just reminded me that I had been thinking of doing it again this time so I am going to look into it. I think I'd been putting it off/not thinking about it just in case of the miracle but I think I need to be a bit more realistic now January is here...

Hawaii it's interesting that you've found ZW's CD useful although not usually into those things. I am going to have a look at it... Are you starting a fresh cycle or did you have any frozen's from your DS' cycle?

Keepon It's good to hear of those miracle babies! I hope you get your second before your consultation...

warrior your clinic sounds very proactive and helpful which is great. I am sniggering at your cowgirl comment. Congrats on your birthday and may this be the best belated birthday present ever...

I will be doing 2 weeks of Buserelin injections and then 2 weeks or so of Estradiol tablets followed by the lovely Cyclogest pessaries. I was pleased to have some tablets this time instead of two sets of injections although to be honest I don't really understand the different options - any ideas anyone? I'm particularly interested in what drives a prescription for, say, a Buserelin nasal spray instead of the injections? My clinic didn't offer me alternatives, just gave me the prescription with injections ticked rather than nasal spray but didn't explain why...

warriorbot Sat 03-Jan-15 10:27:19

Glad I made you snigger, Badger grin

I'd been wondering the same thing about injections vs sniffing. Massively intrigued if anyone has any info.

BadgerFace Sat 03-Jan-15 11:50:40

I've been doing a bit of reading this morning warrior and a third option to sniffing and daily injections is a one off jab which lasts for 4-5 weeks... I want that! Well I don't really as Buserelin jabs worked for me last time so I'm happy not to change the formula but I'll ask my nurse on Tuesday when they tend to prescribe one rather than another!

GalindawithaGa Sat 03-Jan-15 12:28:30

Hello all! Another Jan/Feb ICSI candidate here.

We are early 30's, severe male factor (only diagnosed after nearly 3.5 years of 'unexplained' heartbreak confused) and start ICSI with my next cycle, which should be around 20th Jan.

It's been a long, very difficult road (as I'm sure it has been for everyone) but I feel like I'm on the home straight now. I can't wait to just get started. My life has been on hold for far too bloody long.

I am slightly anxious as between now and starting the ivf, we move house... Superb timing, obviously! shock I'm off to pack some more boxes!

brew All round

hawaiibaby Sat 03-Jan-15 13:18:59

Hello again, treatment buddies.

Warriorbot and Badgerface - Hope things have started off okay. It's good to finally get cracking isn't it, though a bit 'aagghh' that it's actually happening. Wishing you both loads of luck. IIRC about nasal vs injection it's just down to what the clinic offer and then personal preference. I went for injections (weirdo!) But as the injection was once a day and the spray 3 times, I preferred to just get it over with. I also have hayfever and it was hayfever season and I was paranoid about sneezing out the drugs!! Obviously if I had a phobia to needles it would have been different but they don't really bother me, luckily.

Badger - We only had one grade 2/3 emby last time, which thankfully turned into DS! The treatment had gone fine, I got 11 eggs so average but a lot were crap quality, coupled with DH's sperm, only one fertilised. It was a shit day, we didn't expect to make it to transfer but we did (2 day) and thankfully it stuck. Am sort of dreading the same or worse happening again but have been taking DHEA for the last 2 months which can improve egg quality according to trials (the cons. recommended it) so FX it will make a difference. That's great you have some frozen embies - hopefully you will only need the one smile but it's good to have back-up!

keeponjuggling Hope your start goes well - do you have a date? I am curious how ivf will go with DS in tow. I feel like it will be less pressure as I know that no matter what, we have him, does it feel similar with your 3yo? However last time I threw everything into it, relaxing, sleep, acupuncture, blah blah and this time it's going to be different as I'll be at his beck and call instead but I guess he will also keep me busy and distracted! Glad you liked the blog, here's hoping for a successful outcome for everyone in 2015.

Glenda What a horribly long time you've had to wait. I found the waiting / ttc part much harder than the actual ivf - as you say you have something to aim for now and a focus. We were 2 years so not as long and still it was tough. Wishing you lots of luck.

I wasn't on MN last time but am really pleased to have people to journey with. I think we will behind a few of you, I need to chase up the clinic really, but will try to keep up to date with your journeys.

BadgerFace Sat 03-Jan-15 13:59:41

Galinda you should be directing operations with your DH/DP packing boxes! We are in the middle of buying a new house and I am sure completion will end up around embryo transfer time... Still, something else to focus on is always good too!

The waiting and life on hold stuff is definitely the hardest part of it all, but we are all getting cracking now ladies, hurray! I got into Mumsnet via an IVF support thread last time which was invaluable so hopefully this will be our place for supporting, whinging, downloading (as well as downregging), no doubt the occasional meltdown, hand holding and hopefully congratulations all round over the next few months...

Tomorrow is one step closer. Don't Stop Believing

mrswishywashy Sat 03-Jan-15 15:31:47

Im due to start my first IVF beginning of February after three failed IUIs last year. It with donor sperm as I'm in a same sex relationship. We are private as our CCG cuts off treatment at 35 and I'm 36 (AMH 5.6). Planned short protocol of Gonal F, Menopur, Orgalutron, Pregnyl, Cycolgest and Doxycycline - not looking forward to paying for all that! We are paying £8000 and if its a negative will look at abroad clinics. Am hoping to get away without ICSI as that drops the price by £1200 but will see. Quite nervous about it all and wondering if its the right thing to do.

Jessewalt Sun 04-Jan-15 15:16:36

Hello everyone. We are due to start this month but will be nearer the end. We have had consent appointment and I am due to pick up drugs next week from clinic. I am on short protocol, and need to take norethisterone and metformin, then when I get my next period, start injectin on day 3.
I feel quite emotional today, as this is really happening. Please keep me company!
Also I am trying to keep it a secret from work - anyone else doing that too? Xx

warriorbot Mon 05-Jan-15 10:11:02

Hi Jesse - I'm also trying to keep work out of the loop at the moment. I'm a bit worried about managing absences. I think that if we go for a second cycle I'll have to say something. I should really make sure I'm in the union..!

I'm on day 4 of the norethisterone. I got a small preview of morning sickness today ("hooray!" wink) I'm finding that running every other day is helping with the side effects like anxiety (which may just be IVF and Back to Work nerves anyway) and the headaches and stiffness. It just feels like the worst PMS I've ever had, so far. I want to punch things. While crying.

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