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How much does it cost to freeze your eggs? Is it even an option for me?

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FayeFruitLoop Thu 20-Nov-14 10:31:15

PCOS, endometriosis. 1 DC.

Uk resident age 30...

naty1 Thu 20-Nov-14 13:10:52

Not sure of cost prob couple of 1000.
I just dont think its a reliable form of delaying having kids. As if you do ivf it can take 1-3 rounds for success, if at all. About 30-40% success per cycle (egg collection) .
How would you know how many to collect?
Pcos raises risk if hyperstim. Endo apparently affects egg quality (maybe). You dont really know how well the cycle has gone till day 3/5 after fertilisation and even then the only measure is pregnancy.
Its a lot to go through' just in case'
Of course it would be amazing for cancer etc.
why are you looking into this?
Oops the 1000s is just the freeze storage. I paid 6k for icsi, it was about 5k for the ivf.
Ttc has about 20% chance success per month so very quickly much more sucessful than ivf.
Why not ttc now?

FayeFruitLoop Thu 20-Nov-14 14:50:52

DH has left. I "may" have cancer... In shock right now, more tests/treatment to come but haven't seem consultant yet.

naty1 Thu 20-Nov-14 15:25:22

Oh no! Hope you get the all clear. Your PCT or whatever it is called now may specifiy what nhs might do re fertility. Could be a link on hfea pages.
Generally nhs doesnt cover treatment for second child (not sure if cancer would make a difference and again it may depend on the area you are in.)
You can search hfea for clinics near you and they would have price lists.
As it seems to vary a lot.
I hope its considered an exception.

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