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ICSI planned but only 4 eggs - need some egging - on!

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WannabeMaryPoppins Wed 12-Nov-14 09:18:17

Am just coming up to my 4th ICSI. With our first attempt in 2011, we had 12 (!) eggs which gave us 6 embryos and the result was DS. So now onto to TTC DC2, which is turning out to be somewhat more difficult than I ever imagined. None of the FET stuck and so we're now onto our 4th ICSI and have just found out that they will probably only be able to collect 4 eggs. I know it only takes one embryo, but I am just a bit disappointed by the low number. In my previous, unsuccessful rounds we had 4 and 6 eggs respectively, with 2 embryos each time. So I am wondering if it is worth going ahead or not. Would really like to hear some positive stories and honest opinions. Thank you!
BTW I'm 37, DH is 41, we have MFI although my hormone levels aren't always great.

Guin1 Wed 12-Nov-14 14:59:57

I don't know what to advise because the reasons for an embryo sticking or not are different for everyone, but my history is:
1st ICSI age 39 (DH 35): can't remember how many eggs, but got 4 embryos, 2 of which were good enough to consider transfer. First one resulted in DS, second was frozen and implanted 2 years later but didn't stick.
2nd ICSI age 41 (DH 37): only got 2 eggs and only 1 embryo worth transferring, but it stuck and I'm now 26 weeks preg.

You sound like you've had a lot of unsuccessful transfers. Have your clinic suggested any reasons for that or tests you could have to find out why they aren't sticking? If it might be your hormone levels, are they monitoring/treating that?

WannabeMaryPoppins Wed 12-Nov-14 15:22:17

Hi Guin thanks for your message.and your very positive story. Just what I wanted to hear! Yes they are keeping a close eye on me. I've had a scratch done for this cycle and should be given hcg injections after transfer if we get that far. Just feel so frustrated that I didn't respond better to the stimms!

WannabeMaryPoppins Wed 12-Nov-14 15:24:01

And big congrats on your pregnancygrin

OldLadyWhoLivesInAShoe Wed 12-Nov-14 23:28:07

I had IMSI recently, kept being warned that three follicles was rubbish and they might not all contain eggs blah blah blah.

The doctor even scanned me in theatre before EC because numbers were so low. Three eggs, two fertilised and transferred at 3 days ( no point waiting! )

Now pregnant with twins.

My DD was the only egg collected and fertilised from four follicles and she is 3!

miracles do happen even with poor responders

naty1 Sun 16-Nov-14 10:45:22

I would only cancel if i was sure to get more next time. So as youve had 4 previously i prob wouldnt cancel.
As per pp i would be asking why they think the others didnt stick. Have you transferred around 8 embies for dc2?

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