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Congested Womb syndrome, has anyone else got it?

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yillt Mon 10-Nov-14 21:58:17

Hi everyone

2 years ago I was diagnosed with congested womb syndrome, if anyone doesn't know what it is, it is basically veracious veins around your womb which swell each month with your period, scrunching your womb tightly and ultimately scarring it. It was a total shock for me, I had bad abdominal pain and expected they would give me some tablets but instead I was told I needed an operation, I had to take the pill everyday for a year and then needed the Mirena implant fitting in order to prevent any periods whatsoever to avoid the scarring. Without the op Id be most likely infertile by now.

Funny thing is though I hear a lot about women with endometriosis but hear little about anyone else with CWS. I have a few side affects from the implant which Ive had checked out but Im still not happy about.

1) I bleed after sex if I do have sex - fresh red blood
2) spotty like a teenager again!
3) bloated most of the time

Does anyone else have CWS and has anyone else dealt with the above, Ive been told this is all normal but the bleeding freaks me out and doesn't seem right despite my doc saying its fine. Without much info out there on it as an issue I don't know whats normal and whats not and I am a bit nervous because I really want to be able to have a baby.

( I have to take the implant out and then start trying immediately for the best chances, I am in a committed relationship but the OH wants to get married pre kids)

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