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Beginning IVF treatment!! 1st day Collecting the medicine...

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gcerron Fri 07-Nov-14 10:54:28

Hi Mumsnet family

I am 42 and I had a miscarriage in January after a natural pregnancy. So here I am trying IVF this time. I am going to collect the Gonal from Create Fertility this afternoon. I know it is not easy however every begin of a new stage is welcome, wish you luck to all of you and if you would like to share with me your experience, give me some tips or just a hi, all of you are welcome!! xxxxx

Rumplestrumpet Fri 07-Nov-14 12:22:39

hi GC , Just wanted to wish you well on this exciting new journey. I don't have many tips to be honest, as everyone deals with things differently (and the IVF experience in particular can provoke very different reactions, both phyiscally and emotionally). I would just add that, if you can, have some nice activities planned for the end of your two week wait, while you're waiting for the pregnancy test - I've found this by far the hardest part (in the final 24 hours now!), and wish I had planned something to keep me distracted.

Best of luck!

BlueKarou Fri 07-Nov-14 12:49:48

Hi gcerron

How exciting for you (and I imagine a teeny bit terrifying! So sorry to hear of your miscarriage. Hopefully this route will be successful for you.) I think I'll be starting my first IVF cycle in the new year (am donating eggs, so am waiting to be matched up to a recipient) so will be watching this thread with great interest.

My plan is going to be to stock up on TV boxsets and new books as distraction throughout the cycle. Anything to try and keep the stress and worrying at a manageable level.

gcerron Fri 07-Nov-14 14:05:10

Many thanks for your kind reply Rumplest and BlueK!! I hope we can smile at the end of this journey!! And as you both said, we need to relax and keep entertained, I am working 4 days per week and this month my job will be quite however I think this will help me to keep my mind busy, I got some good movies to watch in the weekend and also some outing on Sunday since it seems that it won rain and it will be quite sunny!! Best luck Rumplest positive thoughts always, relax and enjoy your Friday evening, and Bluek the best for you in the new year!! New year with new baby for all of us smile

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