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New to mums, 2nd IVF, 25yo, Feeling down.

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St4ceyD Thu 30-Oct-14 13:55:23

Hi all
I'm new to mumsnet but have been reading threads on here for the past couple of years while going through my fertility treatment. So here goes for my first thread.. Well my husband and I have been ttc for the past 3 1/2 years or so. I have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility which I feel is the most annoying. If there's something you know whats wrong you can fix it or work with it? or know straight away there's no chance right? Anyway we had been trying for a while. My husband already has a beautiful 14 year old daughter. He is 12 years older than me (should just add his swimmers are fine lol). Well we got put to the acs department which i was the n told i was not ovulating. I also around this time had been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. So the clomid didn't work, we then moved to iui which was also unsuccessful. Something to do with my eggs grew too much or there were too many. So this feb we went in and i had my eggs out ready for IVF. 19 i believe. Also then in march we got married, couple of weeks after the eggs had been taken out. <3!! So i couldn't have a fresh cycle as my ovaries had flared and i had to wait to have them put back in the next month. Frozen egg transfer time and i thought this was it. Im 25, good chances,newly wed. I'm getting it. After the egg transfer i went back to the room and started to inconsolably cry (wasn't pretty) as i knew there was nothing else i could do. So in my 2 week wait on about day 7 i couldn't wait any longer and figured if i take a preg test everyday the outcome wont be any diff in the end anyway? I took my tests everyday without fail. my fears came true all neg. so that was julyish this year. since then i had a thyroid test and turns out my thyroid is off once again and i have had to up my dose of thyroxine and am awaiting to use the rest of my frozen eggs. i have made arrangements the last 3 months to use the rest and somehow keep cancelling as im to terrified of the outcome. Also i am having this done on the nhs and dont have alot of goes which also scares me as we would not be able to afford to pay for it ourselves. Im am currently waiting for my period to come(6 weeks later) so i can finally book my next round and get going again. 2nd time lucky maybe?? I HOPE!! I actually dont know why im even writing a thread just wanted to get it off my chest and speak around people who have gone through similar things and could have something to say to make me feel a bit better? or more realistic stories of how it actually might not work out? I dont really know lol. As i said first thread and i hope it made sense.

allchatnicknamesgone Thu 30-Oct-14 18:21:07

Hi there. Sorry you are feeling down. Unexplained is very frustrating, but there appears to be medical reasons why you are not ovulating, so maybe it's not all that unexplained, but more 'undiscovered'.

I've had my first ivf last month and it sadly didn't work for me. It's devastating as it feels like you are putting all your eggs into one basket so to speak, and when it doesn't work out there are a million questions.

I'm not really sure I can say anything that you probably haven't heard before. Being 25 means time is on your side though. I know that is not much help when you desperately want a baby now, but I mean what ever the outcome of the 2nd round is, you have not got the time pressure that someone in their 40s would feel for example.

Fingers crossed for your next round. X

naty1 Thu 30-Oct-14 20:42:49

You do have a great chance with your age. Something like 50% of a young persons eggs are abnormal but this rises a lot at 35.
What did you have put back? A blast, or single embryo. What sort of quality?
Ie i had 2 3 day embryos 1 was 10cells a/b quality the other 8 cells a/b. I am in 2 week wait.

I also have hypo. My tsh starting this ivf was 2.0. Clinic want it under 2.5. But i have read around 1 is best.

I increased my dose during a previous cycle and only saw 3 eggs so cancelled.

My DSis has had 2 DDs over 35 with ivf and hypo so it can be done. (She was on prednisone though not sure this made a difference.)

I completely understand about the rising tsh. Mine was less than 2.5 last oct, after ivf in jan it was up to 4. Brought down by meds to 2.4 and now to 2.
I think a FEt is probably better as its hopefully not affecting your thyroid as much.

I think its quite possible the hypo is a diagnosis for infertility. Do you have a short luteal phase?

Also as my tsh was maybe 3 when clinic said to take levo my gp is making me pay for it + other prescriptions (even though it rose to 4.0 which is so close to the treatment level of 4.2)

It is somewhat just luck getting the right egg.

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