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1st round ivf. Neg today. Please advise

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allchatnicknamesgone Wed 22-Oct-14 10:03:58


Just completed 1st short cycle of ivf. Tested today 16 days after EC and its negative. I'm gutted, but I think I've known since ET that is wasn't sticking and I've been having period pains for about a week.

Anyhow, I need advice because I think I may have undiagnosed endo. All my initial tests were fine. DH had a first dodgy sperm test so I think focus shifted on him, but all other tests since then have been fine. They even told is on EC day that there was no need to have icsi. We did have icsi anyway and all 11 eggs fertilised and made it to day 5. I have 2 frosties. It makes me think that our fertilisation is fine and maybe it's just the implantation?

I've always had painful periods since I was young. I have a 6 year old conceived naturally and after I have birth I was amazed at how pain free my periods were. They have become more painful over the last 6 years. Almost like my body is needing another baby! I'm 35 by the way.

Hope someone can help with my questions:
Is it common for consultants and doctors to completely overlook endo? They never suggested lap or any diagnostic work.
Does having endo affect chances of ivf success. For example, if I have lap and they find mild endo, could that be the reason why this cycle wasn't successful
How do I go about getting a lap. I'm feeling desperate. Will nhs do it despite having one child and how long does it take to wait for?
Anyway know how much it is to go private? and any recommendations welcome.

After a month of injecting and then waiting for 2 weeks I just don't know what to do or think.

Please help me think through this all x

Rumplestrumpet Wed 22-Oct-14 11:40:25

Oh, Allchat I'm so sorry to hear it didn't wory for you. You were doing so well hanging in there. I don't have any endo advice as it's not something that's come up for me. But I just wanted to send you hugs and flowers. With 2 frosties you're still in a good place, though it may not feel like it right now.

Good luck working out your next steps, and in the meantime pull your little one to the sofa for some much deserved cuddles.


allchatnicknamesgone Wed 22-Oct-14 18:07:26

Thanks rumple. Been shittest day ever. Worst thing is I don't even feel like a drink because I've sort of gone off it since I've avoided it doing ivf. Nothing will quite make me feel better yet. New day tomorrow and all that. Hoping a follow up appt at hospital will help my worries. Sometimes there is almost too much info on the Internet! I think I've come up with a million reasons why it hadn't worked that involves loads of expensive private testing and maybe even though the odds were in my favour it just wasn't meant to be that time.

Good luck for you xxx

starsandmoonandback Thu 23-Oct-14 13:11:31

I'm sorry to read this hun. It's such a shitty feeling. Today I also got a bfn and the same as you not sure quite how to handle it or how to move on.
Thinking of you. thanks

allchatnicknamesgone Thu 23-Oct-14 13:38:09

Really sorry for you too stars

Definitely feel stronger today and although I still woke with a sad feeling, no tears today!

Hope you feel bit better in coming days too....

Don't have follow up consultant appt for 3 weeks, so limbo land. When I phoned in with result, they asked if I'd started bleeding and I said not yet. They said if I haven't bled within about 5-7 do another test. I know I'm not preg, but the fact they said that gave me this glimmer of hope. Since kicked myself into touch! Wish they hadn't said it though x

Rumplestrumpet Thu 23-Oct-14 16:20:43

Agh, it's the tiny, microscopic piece of hope that gets you, isn't it? Glad you're feeling better today, and hope you have some nice things planned for the weekend. Take care and be kind to yourself.

allchatnicknamesgone Thu 23-Oct-14 17:05:13

Doesn't Jeremy Kyle say that? smile

ceara Fri 24-Oct-14 08:05:24

I'm so sorry you got bad news. My first cycle failed too, it is very tough. We are unexplained, the cycle was textbook and the single blast put back was top grade "perfect" so I too was convinced there was an implantation problem with me and I was rejecting my embies. The consultant gave us a stern talking to, about how IVF should be seen as a course of treatment, the cumulative odds still being good if we cycled again, and it being far too soon to suspect an implantation problem until we'd had at least 3 failed cycles. I went back for an FET, still feeling very despondent and angry, and convinced I had an implantation problem, but the frostie stayed with us and will be one soon. So hang in there for now (even though hope is also hard).

allchatnicknamesgone Fri 24-Oct-14 11:00:32

Thanks so much for posting ceara. That's exactly the kind of post I needed to read. I think I went into a bit of panic mode and tried to look for answers.

You are right, and even if you have a text book case, I suppose a certain element comes down to luck. I just started to read a lot of negative comments about how in the uk, ivf clinics wait until you've had several failed attempts before starting to investigate other reasons. Onwards and upwards I suppose.

Glad to hear it worked out for you. X

allchatnicknamesgone Fri 24-Oct-14 11:16:09

ceara when you had your second attempt with your frostie, did you have any different medication during your 2ww?

Danaust Fri 24-Oct-14 17:41:14

So sorry to hear about your bfn; I know how tough the ivf journey is.

I just wanted to offer some hope. I have endo which was diagnosed via lap surgery after other tests ( eg blood and hubby's sperm all came back fine). As far as I was told endo doesn't generally cause infertility due to implantation problems but usually because fertilisation can't happen in the tubes if they are blocked...

That said; I've done ivf twice. Both times BFP. My dd is now 21 months; and my second resulted in a miscarriage at 9 weeks sad

I don't believe the treatment is different if endo is diagnosed; however it's worth exploring if you believe it may have effected the outcome of your can only ask the question to your clinic.

Good luck in your journey

allchatnicknamesgone Fri 24-Oct-14 21:37:11

Sorry about your mc danaust. That must have been a shock after the first successful pregnancy.

Thanks for replying. What you write made a lot of sense.

I really thought because I had a natural pregnancy 6 yrs ago my body would just know what to do once the embryo was there.

You've made me worry less about endo though. Thank you x

starsandmoonandback Sat 25-Oct-14 08:06:20

All chat, thank you. How are you feeling? I'm still feeling incredibly sad. Since stopping the meds I can now feel an almighty headache coming on and my period brewing and painful! It's like the booby prize for getting a BFN!!

I wish you loads of luck for future cycles. My first ivf was unsuccessful, but my second gave me my son. So hang on in there. Sadly my subsequent 6 cycles didn't have the same success and we've no money for any more cycles hmm

naty1 Sat 25-Oct-14 17:52:53

I think no matter how good embryos/blasts look they wont all implant, think 1/4 eggs may be genetically abnormal at 35. Although they weed out the weak ones by day 5 some are still left.
I have had 3 ivfs
1 bfp when i was 32 and 1 bfn so far at 34. 2 embies put back each time.
Consultant said it wouldnt be implantation issues as i already have a DD. (Though since then now have an autoimmune disease)
You have the blasts which is great chances are good 1 will work.

allchatnicknamesgone Sat 25-Oct-14 19:46:01

Hey stars. I'm ok. Getting over it slowly. Spotting started yesterday and period today. Pretty much like other periods, and I'm glad that it came a few days after finishing cyclogest. Makes me relieved that body seems to have coped with ivf ok.

6 cycles. That is a huge undertaking. That seems incredible bad luck that all have been unsuccessful. Are the consultants sure there isn't something else going on maybe? I'm sure you've put your all into it. It's such a hard thing. I'm sorry you've got to this point. Not sure how old you are, but could you maybe have a break? Save money, try a different clinic? What do you think your next steps will be? Or maybe you are tired and just want to enjoy your one gift?

Hi naty. Thanks for the details. Sad to think that at 35 that many eggs are abnormal. Makes the time pressure even greater. How do you know about autoimmune in your own case? Did you pay for private tests and what promted it? I'm wondering whether to have tests done before putting back the frozen one. Hate to think I'd waste it if underlying issue.


ceara Thu 06-Nov-14 19:20:33

Hi OP, so sorry not to have read your question til now. My fresh cycle was mild ivf/short protocol so I did not downreg, just stims and the hcg trigger. With the FET, I did downreg so took buserelin (hated hated hated that bit) then HRT (progynova) until transfer. Cyclogest after transfer both times. I don't know whether the different regime, or the fact my body hadn't just been through egg collection, made any difference. But it's fair to say that my clinic's stats for BFPs after blastocyst transfer were basically the same regardless of whether it was a fresh or frozen cycle, so logically (and according to the embryologists and the consultant), it was simply a case of finding the good egg. I so hope that yours is waiting for you at your clinic too.

naty1 Sun 09-Nov-14 19:41:06

I have hypothyroidism picked up when my tsh was raised on my blood tests before ivf 2.
It doesnt seemed to have affected
implantation (fingers crossed as bfp on cycle 3)
I think my embryos just werent as good on round 2
I didnt have any other immune testing.
Were they top grade blasts?

allchatnicknamesgone Sun 09-Nov-14 21:19:51

ceara - thank you for replying. I'm hoping the better egg is one that is frozen!

naty1 - what is tsh? The embryologist at Guys said they didn't grade them. She just said they were very good. Maybe I should have pushed but they were just about to do the transfer and I just wanted to get it over with. Going for consultation on Tues to talk it through.

Although over the last few weeks, I've taken stock somewhat and I think I was in a mild panic after my bfn. I don't think I have endo. I think I would have known previously before trying for my second. I think I should have to put it down to bad luck…

Thanks everyone x

naty1 Sun 09-Nov-14 22:04:04

Tsh is thyroid stimulating hormone. Hypo/hyperthyroidism.
It is a bit like worrying about not getting pg with 1-2 mths trying.
Yeah i would check the grading and that of remaining ones.
Did you get bleeding in the end?

allchatnicknamesgone Sun 09-Nov-14 22:14:11

Thanks - I'll ask about tsh at consultant appointment.
Yes, I had last pessary on tues evening, bfn weds morning, then started spotting on Fri with CD 1 on the sat. I'm glad AF turned up quite quickly. I just wanted to move on. Hoping it's going to be a normal cycle this time and then try and squeeze in a FET before Chrimbo.
Will defo check grading although maybe that just adds to the disappointment when it doesn't work i.e. you expect it to work with a grade A or something…

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