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How long were you ttc for before you started IVF?

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onelifeonechance Wed 22-Oct-14 08:11:47

Hello ladies.

I'm currently on cycle 19 ttc #1, never a hint of a BFP. I'm 33 (& a half!) DH is 35. We saw the GP at the beginning of the year as I was getting worried it wasn't happening. My bloods were fine but DH's first SA showed morphology issues (1%) but all other values were fine. From that we were referred to the FC, I've had a hycosy in May that was fine and all my tests are ok, AMH 24.8. DH has had a further SA which was all fine (morphology now 7%, he's been on Vits) and the Dr said he's got an excellent sperm count. The Dr has recommended IVF, which initially I was shocked at because I thought they would start us on IUI, but having talked it through with them and googling like crazy, we've both got our heads around it now and feel it is the process that has the greatest chance of success for us.

My question is how long have others waited before having IVF? I have read so many threads where people have said they wished they hadn't delayed things and just got on with it as there are no guarantees of success first time round (or indeed after that) but there is a part of me wondering if we're leaping in too soon. I just have this feeling it's not going to work naturally for us. The FC have left it in our hands to decide, we've had our IVF talk and I even have the needles and DR drugs! Just got to tell them when we want to go. Would love to hear any words of wisdom! smile

HowsTheSerenity Wed 22-Oct-14 08:16:06

TTC 15 months before seeking medical advice.
Three rounds of clomid - unsuccessful.
Straight onto IVF. Failed with no fertilisation.
Starting 2nd cycle soon.
Im 34 and DH is 42. I have unexplained infertility.

That's me in a nutshell.

BlueBirdy Wed 22-Oct-14 09:43:18

We were TTC for 2 years by the time we got to the FC stage. They suggested we go straight into IVF with ICSI, as DH has 0% - 1% morph but bad count as well, luckily no problems on my side. Our first round failed (no eggs fertilised, despite using ICSI). Second round out of more than 30 follicles, got only 11 eggs. Out of those, only 2 fertilised normally, both put back in and I'm currently 1 week in to the 2WW.

As long as your heads are in the right place, I wouldn't have thought anyone has ever regretted starting 'too soon' - unless there are some lifestyle changes you'd want to make before putting time, effort and money into a cycle. If you are in no rush, however, then you may want to think about where you will be with things around Xmas time, as that can be a pretty hectic time of year anyway.

Best of luck!!

Rumplestrumpet Wed 22-Oct-14 11:50:35

Hi onelife

We spent 1 year TTC before taking some tests, but it was a long process, initially exploring me, then DH - around 12 months in total (including waiting lists and delays with results!).

So after 2 years in total we got onto the IVF route, and after a further 6 months of preparation, waiting lists etc, we are now in the middle of our first ICSI (willing our little embryos along as they grow in a petri dish across town!).

I wish I could have started sooner, if only to have reduced the agonising wait, feeling completely impotent and not really knowing what our options were. Once we were firmly on the IVF route it all felt much better. But I guess it also depends on your lives, work, etc. We moved house, city and jobs a year ago and so probably wouldn't have been able to handle IVF at the same time.

I know it's not for everyone, but I believe accupuncture can be great for fertility issues. If you decide to postpone IVF for a few months, you might find an accupuncturist can help increase your chances naturally. I'd suggest finding one who has proven experience in this field.

Best of luck.

Heels99 Wed 22-Oct-14 11:53:08

About a year.
But took five years of ivf before we were successful. I wouldn't delay!

Heels99 Wed 22-Oct-14 11:54:57

There is no evidence that acupuncture helps fertility issues (ask your fertility clinic if you want) but it can help with stress levels and god knows infertility is stressful

Jessewalt Wed 22-Oct-14 15:26:47

Hi Onelife,
I remember you from other threads, but have been trying to avoid mumsnet for a while. I am almost in exactly the same position as you. 33, ttc#1, month 20. Mild male factor issues (lowish motility), regular cycle, Hycosy normal, day 21 prog normal, AMH 22.
No one can tell us if the male factor issues will stop us from conceiving or just add time. We have gone privately because in my area there is a 10 month wait to even be seen by an infertility clinic, never mind investigations and then waiting list.
We have decided to start IVF in January, for 2 main reasons
1/ a close friend was in similar position and it took her 4 years of Ivf miscarriage, negative tests and an ectopic before she finally got her beautiful boy (and subsequently a second).
2/ although right now I would give anything for one child. I cannot deny that my husband and I would like more than one child if at all possible, and in order to have that, realistically I think we need to pursue assisted conception now and not wait any longer.

So, to answer your question, it will be 19 calendar months, and 22 cycles before starting ivf. There is no denying that this is earlier than many people, but I just dont want to regret waiting.

onelifeonechance Wed 22-Oct-14 19:02:24

Thanks all so much for your replies

HowstheSerenity So sorry to hear your first attempt at IVF wasn't successful. Did they use ICSI? Will they adapt/change things this cycle or is it a case of trying again with the same process? Best of luck with it all flowers

Bluebirdy The dreaded 2ww! Hope you're doing ok and really hope it works out for you smile Does that mean they didn't use ICSI this time round? I really think you are right in what you say that no one has regretted doing something too soon. It's helped me to see that if we wait, and still no BFP,I know I will kick myself and be annoyed at the wasted time. Whereas if we just go for it then we'll never know what would have happened anyway so I cant be annoyed about that! We def feel in the right place for it, both fit and healthy, good diet, done the moving house thing (spare room sitting there waiting to be a nursery), not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips since the IVF word was mentioned at our appt last month - this is as good as I'll ever be! And yes we've considered the Christmas rush, think if we're doing this (which I am getting more convinced about every day!) then we would start our cycle mid December, meaning we wouldn't actually have to start the drugs or egg collection bit until Jan/feb time. Thank you and good luck! smile Love to know how you get on.

rumplestrumpet (excellent name btw) Grow little embryos, grow smile Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you smile I completely get the feeling of actively doing something, the waiting is by far the worst part. When they first said IVF I couldn't believe it as just wasn't expecting it, but now I feel almost excited (yes I know that will soon be knocked out of me with the injections, mood swings, side effects, and rectal pressaries confused (it's glamour, glamour, glamour all this) but I just feel like at least we'll be actually doing something. And yes I have been looking into acupuncture, presuming you're having it, can I ask how often you go? Thanks so much for your reply and good luck! Also love to know how you get on smile

heels99 That is exactly the reason why I think it is right for us to just get going, who knows how long this is all going to take, and I just know I will be so raged at myself if we wait and have no joy (I'm already heavily regretting not ttc as soon as we were married...silly enough to wait 9 months whilst we moved house.....wrong decision) So glad you got your success story in the end after such a long journey smile

jesse hello! smile So good to hear from you and my goodness it's pretty freaky just how similar our stories are! Sorry you're in the same -crappy- boat but really pleased you've made your decisions and are just going for it. I completely understand your reasons, we too would absolutely love more than one child if at all possible. The more we go through this journey I know we may not get that chance, but we can still hope and try our very hardest for it to happen. And getting going with things Asap can only help that can't it. Keep me posted on things (if you'd like to, fully understand if not!) sounds like we're going to be doing things around the same time.

You've all helped me on our way to making our decision, thank you so much ladies smile Even just typing out this thread has helped me to understand my feelings on it all, I just know I definitely can't face forever regretting NOT doing something.
It's interesting that everyone so far has said go for it, wondering if there is anyone who would advise waiting......?

Jessewalt Thu 23-Oct-14 12:42:31

Of course I would like to stay in touch. Feeling quite anxious about the next few months, so having someone in similar situation is very helpful.

BlueBirdy Thu 23-Oct-14 17:25:48

You definitely sound ready for it, Chance! smile

No, they used ICSI again, no one can say why we have such a bad fertilisation rate. I'm sure when we do our next cycle, for which we'll have to go Private, they'll want to do chromosomal testing etc.

Good luck with it all!!

hopingformiracle1 Mon 01-Dec-14 13:52:00

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 13 years! yes that's right, 13 years, its that long. We had all the infertility tests done. I had laparoscopy and dye down my tubes and they could find nothing wrong whatsoever. They diagnosed us with unexplained infertility and we are now currently going through our first IVF cycle. I wish I had done this so much earlier in my life but kept hoping I would conceive naturally but nothing never happened.

Rumplestrumpet Tue 02-Dec-14 10:23:47

You asked for an update Onelife - well yesterday we had the 8 week scan and saw a thumping little heartbeat! It seems ICSI really does work!

I would never recommend you go into fertility treatment expecting success on the first round, but you have to believe it's possible, or else you'll never get through it. And I'm the proof that it is!

Best of luck to you all

Jessewalt Tue 02-Dec-14 17:42:55

Delighted for you Rumples!

onelifeonechance Wed 03-Dec-14 07:20:24

Rumple that is brilliant news, huge congrats! grin So lovely that it worked first time for you, great hope for others still waiting.

I also have an update of my own as unbeknowns to me when I wrote this thread I was actually pregnant! It's been a complete shock as we had fully geared ourselves up for IVF but we're obviously delighted. We must be pretty much due the same time as I had an 8 week scan on Mon too and all fine! When is your edd Rumple? Mines 9th July, wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy.

Best of luck to everyone x

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