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Experiences with Leeds centre of reproductive medicine

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Jenjenwoo Mon 04-Aug-14 16:06:58


I just wondered if anyone one has experience of the clinic at Seecroft ?

I have an initial appointment later this month and wondered what it would entail?

I have been referred as we have been TTC for a nearly 2 years without success and I have PCOS which was diagnosed at the age of 20 I am now 34.

I have heard that both the profs, balen and Rutherford can be quite rude and abrupt - I hope not as I'm a nervous wreck at hospital appointments.

Thanks xx

Aquarius1 Mon 04-Aug-14 20:11:19

Hi jenjen. We've had Dr Rutherford - he did my laparoscopy for Endo & has now referred us for IVF. I found him really lovely & helpful, cant imagine him being rude & abrupt, but everyone's different I guess. I've found the nurses & receptionists really lovely too - they understand what you're going through& try & make you feel at ease (i've had dozens of scans & check ups there). i think it helps at the apptmts if you come prepared with questions& make a note of what they tell you. Hope it goes well for your first apptmt.

bessie84 Tue 05-Aug-14 07:19:01

hey girls, Im also at Leeds Reproductive medicine, but sattalite care from pinderfields (but paying private) so i dont have a leeds consultant, but having treatment there.

glad aquarius you found it nice, nothing worse when your going thru this. hope you get your bfp soon x

good luck jenjenwoo hope first appt goes ok x

Jenjenwoo Tue 05-Aug-14 10:19:50

Thanks for the reassurance bessie84 and Aquarius1
I think it's just because it's the unknown that I'm thinking the worst. Had a bad experience with a GP so it's made me weary of these sorts of appointments.

I'm going to gather a list of questions together for the appointment.

Good luck I hope you both get your BFP. Xx

bessie84 Thu 07-Aug-14 07:28:42

keep us posted how you go x

keeponjuggling Mon 11-Aug-14 22:10:43

Hi, we're also attending seacroft. So far so good but haven't seen a consultant yet. The nurse has sent me for lots of tests and a scan first. She was lovely and the reception staff also very friendly. I'm also a nervous wreck! Good luck, hope it goes well.

PrincessTheresaofLiechtenstein Mon 11-Aug-14 22:19:51

I found Mr Rutherford lovely, if that helps at all. All the rest of the staff too, though that was at lgi just before it all moved to Seacroft.

Jenjenwoo Tue 12-Aug-14 13:29:35

That's reassuring to know, having friendly staff makes all the difference.

They've asked my partner to come along but I'm hoping we can be seen seperately as I 'll find it embarrassing if they discuss my weight in front of him.

Also does anyone know if they will send us back to GP for tests as they are ridiculously booked up and it's a nightmare getting appointments with them? X

roastednut Tue 12-Aug-14 22:01:03

I had no issues there but it's worth being aware that some of the consultants can be a little abrupt. Please don't worry at all but think it's worth being aware of that, there is certainly a lack of bedside manner in some cases!
I'm telling you that so you aren't surprised but with any luck you'll have a positive experience (as positive the world of infertility can be anyway)

keeponjuggling Thu 28-Aug-14 15:31:16

Hi Jen have you been for your initial appointment yet? If so, hope it went well. We are on the waiting list to see the consultant now, but looks like it'll be October before that happens. All this waiting is so hard, but hopefully worth it.

Purplecircle Thu 28-Aug-14 15:43:56

Balen was an utter shit to me about PCOS. Told me I'd brought it all on myself for being overweight.
The next time I went I'd lost a bit of weight and he was totally different.
I don't know if he believes in tough love but if you've excess weight, prepare for the worst!
Sorry can't help with IVF. I only saw him for PCOS

Babyblues27 Mon 13-Oct-14 20:39:09

Hi all, just about to go into Leeds for my 1st laproscopy in November. Had the initial appt with Mrs Hayden in which she advised she suspects I've got at least one damaged tube from PID 13 years ago. Been ttc for about 7 months so know we are lucky in that we got referred quite early due to my history but so anxious about what lays ahead. We've just had all the initial tests, dh's sperm analysis has cum bk abnormal so that's a worry too. Just looking for some advice about what to expect from anybody who might have had similar experience at Leeds aswell

bessie84 Tue 14-Oct-14 11:43:30

good luck babyblues with laparoscopy. (i had mine in july) my other half also has abnormal sperms, we're (still) waiting to start IUI.

Keep us posted x

Babyblues27 Tue 14-Oct-14 19:32:57

Thanks bessie84. Was yours straight forward? Not really sure what to expect.

bessie84 Wed 15-Oct-14 12:09:03

they suspected i had damaged tubes from previous c-sections, but when they went in, all was normal, was very shocked. flushed everything thru and all went ok.... til after. i nearly collapsed and passed a HUGE blood clot. the recovery was pants, especially the gas in your shoulders after. but was worth it for putting my mind at ease really and progressing forward onto IUI. its worth it hunny and im sure all will go well. its a simple procedure x

today we got our IUI injection training appointment and counselling for THIS friday - OMG. excited / scared eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk.

Babyblues27 Wed 15-Oct-14 21:24:25

At last things are moving on for you Bessie84 we have to just keep thinking it'll all be worth it in the end!!! Everything seems to go so slowly. Which consultant do you see?

patricia91 Fri 14-Oct-16 17:13:29

Has anybody had any counselling at the centre for reproductive medicine? If so, how did you find your experience? I'm asking as I had mine today and am feeling a bit deflated!

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