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hopingforanothermircale Tue 15-Apr-14 15:38:43

I need to move some frozen embryos from my old clinic to my new one for a frozen cycle. The clinics are hundreds of miles apart. I've been given the names of two specialist courier firms by the clinic I'm going to do the frozen cycle at - Cryozoom and Kynisi. I contacted them both over a week ago for quotes but only Kynisi have replied as yet. Although the clinic has recommended them I've read mixed reviews on them both, but there isn't much info online about either. Someone seems to have started a blog criticising Kynisi which is worrying (though maybe not genuine?) and the lack of response from Cryozoom makes me nervous too.

Had anyone used either of these couriers to move embryos? Or can you recommend another please?


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freelancescientist Tue 15-Apr-14 20:34:28

These are the only ones I know of. Have used kynisi professionally without problems.

Dannygirl Thu 17-Apr-14 16:31:58

I also used Kynisi to transfer my frozen embryos between clinics, with no problems, and the result is my 9 weeks old baby asleep upstairs! I would trust the clinic's recommendations, although it seemed like such an odd thing to do, I am told its very common. All the very best of luck with your cycle x

hopingforanothermircale Wed 23-Apr-14 11:35:04

Thanks for the replies. Kynisi have sent me all their information but I've not even had a reply from Crysozoom yet. Think we'll go with Kynisi.
Congratulations Dannygirl! x

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Helpmeplz14 Sun 24-Jan-16 13:27:47


I was just wondering how much kynisi charged you for the few hundred mile journey??? As i would be in the sane boat and was thinking of contacting them

Embryoport Mon 26-Mar-18 20:42:36

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Embryoport Mon 26-Mar-18 20:48:45

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Embryoport Mon 26-Mar-18 20:54:19

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949Femme Fri 05-Oct-18 16:15:23

This THIEF needs to be shut down. I have been offered money to take down this post but it’s more important that you don’t let this man waste your valuable time and STEAL YOUR MONEY. A month ago I contacted 3couriers my surrogacy agency recommended to me. I was thrilled to see that Kosta responded to me first and with the lowest quote. He told me to pay a deposit then he would schedule his soonest available within a week. I paid then he responded asking for the full payment. I got that first pit in my stomach that he wasn’t legit. I responded that his contract said I would pay on the day he picked up my embryos and that I needed a date to tell my clinic. He told me he would be in California in a week and get back to me soon with a date. A week passed and nothing. I wrote him reminding him I needed a date to tell our surrogate. No response. The next day I called. He picked up not realizing it was me. I reminded him our surrogate had been on a carefully timed protocol and that our embryo needed to be there by a certain date otherwise serious health implications were in the balance. He assured me he would be in my California the following week and to expect his email shortly. When that email didn’t come the next day I wrote him point blank, give me a date by noon or I will have to find another courier and would expect a refund on my deposit. He wrote back immediately saying he was indeed in California but got a last minute job in Australia that he was leaving the next day for and that he didn’t grant refunds. I was panicked for my poor surrogate who had been working so hard for us and I had wasted so much valuable time on this lying scumbag. I contacted the 2 other couriers asking if they could accommodate a last minute courier since Kosta Kios of Kynisi ripped me off. They both said it’s a common complaint that they have heard. Fortunately both CryoZoom and IVF Courier gave great quotes and offered speedy service. I went with IVF Courier because of the hand delivery by CryoZoom was a great option as well. My luck, in the same time it took me to be told off by Kosta, I was able to sign with a talented Courier, schedule a date and now implantation is on schedule. Kosta Kynisi’s lies and greed only delayed us by 5 days. The most disgusting part of Kosta Kios and Kynisi Courier is that he prays on the trusting nature of people desperate to have children. Upon reading this he instantly got in touch with me to offer a refund of my deposit as long as I remove this review. My experience was worth it as long as you learn from it. Save yourself the stress and money and don’t ‘work’ with this scam artist.

jbbest Mon 28-Jan-19 19:05:16

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