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Embryo transport - specialist courier firms

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hopingforanothermircale Tue 15-Apr-14 15:38:43

I need to move some frozen embryos from my old clinic to my new one for a frozen cycle. The clinics are hundreds of miles apart. I've been given the names of two specialist courier firms by the clinic I'm going to do the frozen cycle at - Cryozoom and Kynisi. I contacted them both over a week ago for quotes but only Kynisi have replied as yet. Although the clinic has recommended them I've read mixed reviews on them both, but there isn't much info online about either. Someone seems to have started a blog criticising Kynisi which is worrying (though maybe not genuine?) and the lack of response from Cryozoom makes me nervous too.

Had anyone used either of these couriers to move embryos? Or can you recommend another please?


freelancescientist Tue 15-Apr-14 20:34:28

These are the only ones I know of. Have used kynisi professionally without problems.

Dannygirl Thu 17-Apr-14 16:31:58

I also used Kynisi to transfer my frozen embryos between clinics, with no problems, and the result is my 9 weeks old baby asleep upstairs! I would trust the clinic's recommendations, although it seemed like such an odd thing to do, I am told its very common. All the very best of luck with your cycle x

hopingforanothermircale Wed 23-Apr-14 11:35:04

Thanks for the replies. Kynisi have sent me all their information but I've not even had a reply from Crysozoom yet. Think we'll go with Kynisi.
Congratulations Dannygirl! x

Helpmeplz14 Sun 24-Jan-16 13:27:47


I was just wondering how much kynisi charged you for the few hundred mile journey??? As i would be in the sane boat and was thinking of contacting them

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