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Fertility tests

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Cnix Fri 11-Apr-14 07:23:33

DH and I have been TTC for over 6 months now and I feel we need to go and get checked out. We're both 36. Do you know if we need to make a joint appointment with gp? Do you have the tests at gp surgery or do they just refer you to a specialist?

Liquoriceallsort Fri 11-Apr-14 07:53:04

Yes book in with your gp so that they can refer you if you wish to go down the funded route.

I found that I really had to badger my gp, hopefully you won't have to.

Good luck!

eurochick Fri 11-Apr-14 07:59:19

I went to the gp first. He ran the basic blood tests ( day2 for lh and fsh and day 21 for progesterone) and told me to send my husband in. He went separately and got a form to do a semen test. We then got the results. All was normal so he referred us straight on to the fertility clinic at the local hospital. They did an internal, an ultrasound, a hsg, rubella test and another SA and took medical histories. Again, all was normal so we were then referred on for ivf at the bigger hospital.

Cnix Fri 11-Apr-14 08:02:11

Thank you.

Thewhingingdefective Fri 11-Apr-14 08:04:37

We went to the GP after six months and were told to come back when we had been TTC 12 months. I was only in my mid twenties though (DH was early forties.) You might get a referral now due to your age.

We did go back and GP did some basic blood tests on me (normal results) and referred us to the local fertility clinic. The clinic investigated DH first as it's the least invasive investigation and we quite quickly discovered the problem.

bessie84 Fri 11-Apr-14 08:08:58

see gp, they'll refer you. no need to take dh to gp, but take him to specialist when you have your first appt.

my gp did day 3 bloods, day 21 bloods and other half a sperm sample before we went to our first fertility specialist appt, so we were armed with a bit of background before we went. so might be worth asking for a few things doing to get the ball rolling. as when you get to the fertility specialist, he'll only do these things (and more) so why waste time.

good luck. the waiting and tests are the hardest. x

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