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Anyone lost weight with PCOS and gone on to conceive without surgery/drugs?

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thepolymysticovary Thu 10-Apr-14 20:04:33

I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with PCOS. I had constant flooded bleeding that would last forever without a single break. Months and months on end.

However, last week I begun on a low calorie, low carb and low saturated fat healthy eating plan and as PCOS is related to insulin disorders, I cut sugar out, apart from half teaspoon per day.

Already in one week I have lost 10 lb and my bleeding stopped within two days which I am absolutely thrilled with.

Now, I plan to continue with the healthy eating plan, but I just was hoping for any flicker of hopes...has anyone lost weight and gone on to conceive...if so how much did you weigh, and how much did you lose? Hope that's not too cheeky a thing to ask but I would love to have some hope.

MaxsMummy2012 Thu 10-Apr-14 20:14:33

I have PCOS and conceived 2 months after switching to a low glycemic index diet (recommended for people with diabetes and also my 'managing pcos for dummies' book. I wasn't overweight and don't have scales on the house so couldn't tell you if I lost weight but the switch obviously helped. I also took agnus castus from Holland and Barrett and used conceive plus from boots. Good luck and hope you fall quickly. X ps prior to the diet switch we'd been trying for 20 months.

bessie84 Thu 10-Apr-14 20:21:17

meeee. i was told i had pcos aged 19, and was told i needed to lose weight, at the time i weighed 14 stone. (im 5ft 7) i got down to 11 stone (i did slimming world at the time) i lost it pretty quickly like you and within 5 months, my boy was concieved. each time ive concieved, its been thru losing weight, which also regulates ovulation. like you also, i bleed constant when over weight, weight loss seems to stop this and give ya periods a good kick up the arse.

however, im 10 years older now (im 29) and trying to concieve again...(for 2 years now) lost 6 stone (why i let myself put it back on, i'll never know) i did get pregnant last year and miscarried, still going........

lose the weight, it really does help - good luck x

throwinshapes Thu 10-Apr-14 20:26:47

Another PCOS person here. I also did my research (was diagnosed in 1990) and switched to a low GI diet and cut back on sugar. Am also vegetarian- so never been overweight.
Read 'Natural Solution To Infertility' (sorry don't know author) which was amazing and when we TTC followed loads of that advice.
Took two months to conceive dd1 and fell accidentally with dd2 when dd1 was 17 months!
Do some research, alter your diet, keep weight down and you'll be away. smile

PinkParsnips Thu 10-Apr-14 20:28:44

Hi there!

I found out I had PCOS after ttc unsuccessfully for a year (well I had a miscarriage the first month after coming off the pill then struggled to conceive again).

I too started a low GI diet which sounds like yours and also tried a similar diet called CSIRO and lost a few lb on that but to be honest I didn't manage to lose hardly any weight as I fell pg whilst waiting for our appt at fertility clinic! so no drugs or treatment at all. I weighed 14st when I got pg and it took 18mth to conceive altogether.

I felt very lucky but pcos doesn't always mean you will need treatment it just depends on a lot of things I guess.

Some things I tried as well as dieting were monitoring basal body temperatures (ovulation Sticks and monitors don't always work for people with pcos) and I took supplements - agnus castus to regulate cycles, vitamin b complex and selenium.

It's usually advised that you check with a qualified herbalist before using agnus castus as it's a strong herb but I must say I didn't, it shortened my cycles from 70+ days to 30-35.

I do wish I'd lost more weight though as I'm sure that would have helped a lot and I've now got 1.5st of baby weight to lose as well!

Good luck with it all. There is a book you can get on Amazon called pcos diet book I think which is good.

sneakyday Thu 10-Apr-14 20:35:29

Not intentionally. I cut out all the dodgy "you are not supposed to eat when pregnant" foods which reduced the crap I ate dramatically. I also cut down on caffene, which ment very little chocolate.

So I wasnt dieting to lose weight I was treating myself like I was pregnant. I conceived within 4 weeks! which was a miracle bearing in mind i had been up to 18 months between periods beforehand.

LAM1 Thu 10-Apr-14 21:17:03

Hmmmm I haven't had a bleed (over than a forced one) since my withdrawal bleed when I came off the pill last August. I was diagnosed with PCOS in November. Had the Hycosy and am awaiting the results...
Am not overweight but since coming off the pill have gained a few lbs which I can't shift. Am getting fed up with waiting and AF not showing up. But the above has given me some hope.

Smile87 Fri 11-Apr-14 06:48:08

This has giving me hope, I'm currently on slimming world to lose the weight and hope it brings back my periods

thepolymysticovary Fri 11-Apr-14 12:24:57

All these lovely stories of babies make my heart warm. It gives such hope that it could be me in a year. I hope.

bessie84 Sun 20-Apr-14 09:22:54

i hope so too. good luck hunny x

DwellsUndertheSink Sun 20-Apr-14 09:29:03

my dsis has pcos .... and 3 naturally conceived children. she has had 4 pregnancies. SHe was overweight , and was told she wouldn't conceive without help. But she did. There is always hope!

pintsizeprincess Sat 26-Apr-14 15:31:20

sorry bit late to the party..but just wanted to throw in my own story. It took us 21 months ttc dd with pcos. I wasn't ovulating, did my research on the t'nternet and changed to low gi. bloody hard sticking to it as i have an evil sweet tooth but within 4 months of doing it i started ovulating ( lost nearly 2 stone in that time which must have helped along with taking zinc, evening primrose, folic acid and 2 months after that i got my shiny bfp. please don't give up hope it can happen. wish i could take my own advice ttc 2 though as can't seem to get focused on the gi diet again but trying to get back into the right frame of mind, wishing you lots of luck! x

PacificDogwood Sat 26-Apr-14 15:34:37

My best friend smile.
She manages nice regular periods when she makes sure her weight is on the slim side and sticks to a Low GI Index type diet.

Another friend from school was told she had PCOS in her late teens, was devastated that 'she couldn't have children', stopped all contraception and had 3 'unplanned' daughters grin. I suspect she was told she 'might find conceiving more difficult' rather than a categorical 'you cannot have children'. She conceived within 6 weeks of stopping her pill which is fast in anyone's book.

Good luck smile

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