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Ovitrelle questions

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Questions123 Sun 06-Apr-14 14:37:00

Have just read the leaflet and have a couple of questions if anyone could help? Is it ok to be out of the fridge 12 hours or so before use? And is it really complicated to do? The leaflet looks scary about getting the dose right etc.

18yearsoftrying Tue 08-Apr-14 12:50:38

I'm outraged on your behalf that the nurses haven't shown you or guided you through this process. I have done this particular jab 4 times and on each occasion I was given a wall brochure and demo on how to set it up correctly.

It isn't allowed out of the fridge - to the point where mine was stored in the fridge at work once and for my cousin, she had to go downstairs at 4am to take her one.

As I remember it, the Ovitrelle is 250mg - is that right? All you do is turn it to show that number on the display.

The timing is crucial with this shot.

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