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Low sperm motility - any experiences welcome

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Jessewalt Thu 03-Apr-14 14:21:28

Hello everyone,
I usually post on conception board, but nearing the 1 year ttc anniversary.
We had our first SA done which shows good numbers 92mil/ml, normal morphology, normal total volume but only 19%progressive motility and 32% overall motilty.
Just wondering of anyone had any personal stories eg, conceived naturally or needed iui or icsi. We have another sample scheduled at the lab in 2 weeks.
Thanks in anticipation

naty1 Sat 05-Apr-14 21:22:08

TBH that sounds really good
We had less than a million.
Surely yours falls in normal category?

Crumbelina Sat 05-Apr-14 22:07:15


We're pretty much in the same boat! 35, TTC #1 for 10 months and my blood tests were fine. DH's SA was ok - concentration was 130 million but mobility was 30% (23% progressive). The GP said that I should get pregnant but our chances were 'hampered'.

DH has to be re-tested in 6 weeks - apparently anything sooner is likely to be from the 'same batch' but it seems like ages! I'm wondering if I should go back to the GP to see if I should have more tests. I wish I could be more patient! smile

Anyway, sorry I can't offer any advice/stories. Hopefully someone will be along ...

Jessewalt Sun 06-Apr-14 17:44:34

Thank you for replying. Naty - I agree it sounded ok to me but I cannot find out if low motility, (Albeit with normal numbers), has a major implication. Gp did not know, I suspect only a specialist can answer.
Crumbelina - let me know how you get on. I am on a thread on conception page, which has been brilliant. It is called "ttc 10 months plus - supporting each other". Maybe see you on there!

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