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Menopur success stories please-need cheering up

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j200 Wed 02-Apr-14 20:28:24

Hi all,

Having a really low day today, week 3 of menopur injections (after no ovulation on clomid) and no real response on 75 so my dose has been increased. Feel so useless and can't understand why my body isnt working properly, just doesn't seem fair that some of us have to go through all this stress for something that is so easy for others. Am doing TI rather than IUI this cycle.

Any success stories welcome for using menopur/injectibles in general


Shellster52 Thu 03-Apr-14 06:10:48

I don't really have any success/cheering up story for you, but couldn't read and run. I too am feeling low so perhaps I can tell you my story in the hope that you not feeling alone helps?!

I don't have many follicles to grow for IVF. So I started Aspirin and it massively increased my follicle count. The trouble is, it stopped me ovulating and made my cycles really short. For my IVF protocol, I need to ovulate the cycle before and have a normal length cycle. So I stop Aspirin for one cycle, have a normal cycle (yay) then start IVF the following cycle. But then the Aspirin effect has worn off and I only start with 6 follicles of which only 3 grow. So I just decided to cancel. Devastated. What's the solution!?!?

When you say, no real response, are you getting ultrasounds that show the follicles are growing but only minimally? It must be frustrating getting your hopes up with Clomid and then nothing and now the same with Menopur. Although it must be extremely frustrating, it sounds promising if the only problem is that you are not ovulating. I know 3 women in this situation and once they found the right medication for them, all 3 fell pregnant straight away.

What does TI stand for. Sorry I can't provide the magic answer for you. But happy to chat if venting helps ease your stress!

j200 Thu 03-Apr-14 06:39:53

Thanks for your kind response Shell, your situation sounds sooooo frustrating too. It is so tough for us all!

TI is just timed intercourse. I have scans every few days whilst on the drugs, I grew one follicle to 10mm which disappeared after a week and yesterday there was nothinghmm hopefully the stronger dose will do its trick. Damn bodies!

Let me know how you get on too, fingers and toes crossed for us all xx

Shellster52 Thu 03-Apr-14 11:20:48

Ah, timed intercourse. Got it. Bizarre that the follicle grew to 10mm then disappeared. Can you just up the Menopur dose mid cycle to hope your body will grow follicles mid cycle? I would have thought you would have to wait til after another period when your body would naturally start to grow follicles?

As for me, I am not sure what to do. I am still taking Aspirin and just hoping that it was just co-incidence and that the Aspirin was not the cause of my non ovulating cycle. I am desperate to have a normal cycle this cycle so I can start IVF next cycle. I could stop the Aspirin and be assured of a normal cycle, but then I won't make many eggs for IVF. So I am just taking the Aspirin anyway and hoping that it doesn't interfere with ovulation again this cycle. Will find out in two weeks.

j200 Thu 03-Apr-14 14:45:55

Ah fingers crossed for you, a different kind of two week wait...

I don't have periods as I don't ovulate and have non existant hormones so don't have to wait, they can just drug me up whenever lol. Started a high dose yesterday so just got to wait and see now if anything happens ahead of next scan on Monday...

Shellster52 Fri 04-Apr-14 21:48:11

Well, that certainly takes all the frustration out of waiting. I am having dodgy cycles and am so frustrated waiting a whole month to see if my cycle returns to normal so I can finally start IVF.

Is there a term for your particular condition that causes you not to ovulate and have periods? Either way, I hope Mondays scan FINALLY brings you some good news. What dose of Menopur are you on now?

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