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Can I get referred to the fertility clinic if ttc dc2

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LIG1979 Sat 29-Mar-14 15:39:55

I had pcos and lots of trouble conceiving dc1. Got past the blood tests at the fertility clinic and was due to see the consultant but then got a bfp with dd about a week before the appointment.

Now I am trying to conceive dc2 and having problems. (Pcos seems to have gone but not having much luck!)

Will the doctor refer me on the nhs for dc2 or will I have to go private as I already have a dc? Initially I just want a set of day3 bloods done along with dh's sperm analysis like last time.

Waggamamma Sat 29-Mar-14 15:48:52

It depends on your nhs trust or health board.

My nhs board has guidelines stating you can only have treatment if there are no other children in the family.

Saying that there are things they can offer that aren't full fertility treatment, drugs like clomid.

bessie84 Sat 29-Mar-14 15:57:22

yes course you can, but some stuff you'll be expected to pay for as you have a child now.

i have pcos.

we got clomid for free. had to have bloods on day 3 and 21 to check ovulation. scans to check ovaries and other half had to have sperms checked.

we did 8 rounds of clomid. miscarried on cycle 6, now waiting for lap&dye and then on to IUI. we have to pay for the IUI.

good luck x

HollyBen Sat 29-Mar-14 16:48:57

I am also ttc#2 and doc is doing tests in order to refer me now

LIG1979 Sat 29-Mar-14 18:13:06

Thank you - will probably go to the dr to get things in motion sooner rather than later just to see if I can get some updated tests. Just didn't want a wasted visit.

SilverStars Sat 29-Mar-14 19:34:03

Your gp can order the day 3 blood tests so no need for fertility referral for those.

LIG1979 Sat 29-Mar-14 19:36:23

Thanks silver - that is worth knowing.

SilverStars Sat 29-Mar-14 21:00:03

They just give you a print out form there and then and then you go to wherever they take blood in your area. But you need to do two tests - one at day 2/3 and one at 21 days ( if 28 day cycle). Wondered why you want a semen analysis as no indication of issues with your partner. Or if you wanted to go down ivf route and this need the test?

LIG1979 Sun 30-Mar-14 08:44:08

Silver - thanks for that info. I think I wanted the semen done as it was done last time to check there were no extra problem from his side. Last time I was fairly sure it was me as I had cystic ovaries, poor skin and had cycles of up to 90 days. However, if we dtd at the right time (got very good at predicting ovulation) I was able to get pregnant but I did have a miscarriage and at least one chemical pregnancy which I assume was from dodgy eggs as they took so long to mature and be released.This time my pcos seems to have gone and I am ovulating on day 17/18 but not sure why I am not getting pregnant even though we are timing dtd well. So want to get everything checked.

LIG1979 Sun 30-Mar-14 08:44:41

Sorry about the lack of paragraphs!

SilverStars Sun 30-Mar-14 10:13:46

Great pcos has gone. Meant to say a gp can order a SA also. Mine did ( sadly issues there). No need to see a fertility dr to order basic tests. Other tests gp can order are: recent smear and get tested for sti's at same time including chlamydia. Not saying you have any but they are basic tests needed before a fertility treatment could be prescribed. Needs to be done recently, so within 12m of treatment where I live.

SilverStars Sun 30-Mar-14 10:15:51

Where I live have to go private for any treatment if have a child. We have one dc and struggling for 2nd -19 cycles now ( not that I am counting!!). As needed ivf for first do know unlikely to get natural pg. encouraging this is you did. Do you remember how long it took for dc1? And how long you have been ttc2?

threepiecesuite Sun 30-Mar-14 11:06:56

We are ttc#2, 19th cycle now.
Have had day 3 and 21 bloods done, smear, sti check, and scan of ovaries. Dp has done his SA.
All clear.
Now waiting for fertility clinic appt in May. Suspect they may suggest lap and dye to look for blockages.
All that is free. Ivf or iui, we'll have to pay for. Hoping for a miracle as not much spare cash! DD is 4, conceived very quickly.

LIG1979 Sun 30-Mar-14 15:04:48

Silver that must be very frustrating. Same to you three. I do feel very appreciative of being able to have dd but at the same time would love for her to have a brother or sister and for me to get this ttc stress over and done with! I am trying to reassure myself that I have done it before so hopefully we can do it again without too much assistance and not become the baby obsessed nutter I was when trying for dc1.

I have only been trying for 4 months for dc2 but I think I assumed that because of resolving the issues with conceiving dd, that dc2 wouldn't be too difficult. I am keen to get the wheels in motion as soon as I can because I know how long it can take with the nhs to get anywhere. If I can get some stuff on the nhs then hopefully I can pay for some if needed. (Not sure we could afford everything but we could hopefully stretch to some private treatment.)

With dd it took a year in total but I had a missed miscarriage on my first cycle of 90 days and during one of my many scans they diagnosed pcos and so the doctor referred me to the fertility clinic even though we had only been trying 4 months. I stuck to a very strict low gi diet and things seemed to improve and whilst I had 1 (maybe 2) chemical pregnancies it then took another 5 months (4 cycles ) to conceive dd.

Will also ask for the chlamydia although had one whilst ttc dd and if I have got it since then I think trying for dc2 will probably be out of the window since I would be looking for a divorce!!

SilverStars Sun 30-Mar-14 19:46:20

I know it sounds a long time, but 1yr actually is not too long in the world of infertility. Know that is not helpful to say (if someone told me 7yrs was not long I know what I would have said as that is how long I had to wait). But, most NHS places do not refer under 35's before they have ttc for one year - and then with at least a few months wait for referral. With several months waiting between appointments too.

All you should get on the NHS that I can remember are: day 3/21 blood tests, semen analysis and smear and STI tests. I know, we had more than one cycle of icsi and I had to have repeat HIV tests, repeat chlamydia tests - they will not treat you unless you can show them a recent test within 12 months. I tried to argue all sorts, but pay for more I had to do!! The NHS may do a HSG test (to check tubes are clear - but as you have had a child, do not know if they will stiff offer this, as trusts tend to vary). Possibly a few other blood tests - fbc, prolactin and thyroid levels. Some areas may offer clomid if the tests show there is a clinical need for it. Other treatment is usually IUI or IVF/ICSI but you will most likely not be able to get this on the NHS due to criteria.

We have infertility and all that we can get on the NHS are progesterone type blood tests. Nothing else. Not even a 2nd SA as they have the results from the initial and there are no reasons to show that my dh's levels will have improved. IUI can be about £1. IVF can vary in costs. It may be worth you finding your nearest private fertility clinic and booking onto their free open evenings that they will hold - so you can ask all your questions when it is free and before you decide what you wish to do.

It may be worth finding out what you can get on the NHS from your GP before you ask for a referral so you are not disappointed.

SilverStars Sun 30-Mar-14 19:50:56

three - sorry to hear that. Good so many tests done already. We are about the same time ttc2, although sadly no quick conception for dc1. If you need assisted fertility it is worth:
- going to your local private clinics to their free open evenings so you can ask all your questions without having to pay for a consultation (such as what are costs, length of time to start treatment, what treatments they would suggest with your diagnosis if you get one - often the diagnosis is unknown, which means no specific issue to prevent conception has been identified)
- if you are under 35 (some clinics may vary ages) then you can be eligible for egg sharing, which reduces your costs considerably if you have enough eggs to share and personally are happy with that (I am too old and did not produce enough eggs so never an option for me) - and again working out those costs is useful exercise.

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