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Low sperm count..does fertilaid help?

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Pearlmum1 Tue 25-Mar-14 09:57:04

My partner has a very low sperm count of 4 million. He is coping ok but im not at all, we have been trying for over a year now and im terrified that we will never get pregnant. Im struggling with going to work and general unhappiness and i just need some sort of hope. We have ordered some fertilaid for men, but does it work? has anyone had any luck with using it? any advise or positive stories would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

bessie84 Tue 25-Mar-14 10:35:59

hey hun,
stop stressing. my oh has, HAD a low count of 4 or 5 million too. he smoked, i stopped him, he doesnt drink now, only odd couple. we started on wellman conception vitamins and his 3rd sample, went up to 45 million. still low but massively improved. avoid hot baths and just be generally healthy.

even with OH low count we concieved naturally last year, but it ended up a mc at 9 weeks.

we're now going thru iui. theres lots you can do.

yes, id reccomend fertilaid or any other conception vits. Cant do no harm, put it that way.

ps: men seem to cope so well, better than us. i can reme,ber when my bloke got his very first results, he was chilled and looked for the positives ect, i freaked out massively.

good luck x

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 25-Mar-14 11:33:16

When was this test done, I ask this for two reasons. If this was done more than 6 months ago the result should be discounted. Also this man needs to have repeated tests done on a regular basis; one poor sample is not fully indicative of there being male factor problems.

Would not spend loads of cash on vitamins that may not make any difference whatsoever; sperms are complex and there is much that is not understood. If he wants to take vitamins the standard wellman type ones can be purchased.

You should as a couple be under the care of a consultant gynae at a subfertility unit, also your man should see a urologist to see if there is a medical problem with his testes or general plumbing.

Its not hopeless but he certainly needs to see a specialist for further evaluation.

Seb101 Tue 25-Mar-14 14:14:31

I'd recommend fertilaid. My dh had tests done and had sperm counts between 3-4 million. He's been taking fertilaid for 8 weeks now and latest test had increased to 18 million. We are delighted with that improvement. Obviously it's still very low and I've not fallen pregnant yet, but I'm hopeful that with continued use his count will increase further. He also switched from pants to loose boxers. I'd def give them a go. They aren't cheap, but worth it in my opinion. Especially as the alternative is assisted conception for us; which will cost thousands. I figure 6 months of fertilaid is worth a go.
Good luck smile)

Pearlmum1 Wed 02-Apr-14 12:58:02

Thank you for all your replies, had a meltdown and now feeling so much better! He had the doctor check for varicosele but none found, he has been given another .SA to be taken in May so fingers crossed 3rd time lucky! We have stopped trying-ish as we can't let it ruin our lives and relationship as it may not ever happen. I''ve enrolled to do an access course to midwifery and that's my main goal now and it's taken the pressure off so much. So fingers crossed it will just happen one day!

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