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test results - low Estradiol?

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omama Mon 24-Mar-14 21:01:10

Hi Ladies

We've been ttc dc#2 for 2 years in total now. We had all the initial tests done after 1 year which came back ok except progesterone was nil (but may have been done on wrong day). I actually conceived while we were waiting for our referral to the fertility clinic, but sadly this ended in miscarriage at 11weeks. We've been trying ever since. For the last 2 months I've been charting & testing again & haven't detected any sign of ovulation, my temps have been on the low side & my cycles more irregular (last one was 42 days), so I went back to see the GP.

I've now got my test results & I wonder if anyone could help me understand them.

CD4 (CD 2-3 was weekend & dr's was shut!)
FSH 4.0
LH 2.6
Estradiol 86

CD21 progesterone - 20

I ovulated (first time in 3 months - hurrah!) on cd18 so GP suggested we retest progesterone at 7dpo as she said 20 is ok but it should ideally be nearer to 30 - what difference does this make to conceiving?

The thing thats worrying me most is that GP said my Estradiol levels were a bit on the low side for my age (34) & she quoted normal range as 77-921. She said this may be due to stress or being overweight (BMI 27.9). I'm now worrying myself silly that I could be pre menopausal & that this may explain my irregular cycles, apparent lack of regular ovulation & (tmi warning) lack of ewcm. Although she didn't seem overly concerned that low estrogen could be a factor, I'm worried this may be the reason for our difficulty ttc. Am I worrying over nothing or am I right to be concerned?

GP wants us to wait another 3 months (til 1yr post mc) & see if it happens naturally by then. She didn't seem keen to refer us for investigations (certainly not yet) since we'd not qualify for IVF anyway. I'm left feeling pretty frustrated by the endless waiting sad. Should I be asking for further tests now?

Sorry this is so long. If you got to the end thanks for reading & I would very much appreciate any help/advice you have to offer.x

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