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13 eggs, only 2 fertilised, only 1 good enough to go back....But got a BFP!

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FabiOne Wed 19-Mar-14 20:42:32

Hi all

I have recently undergone my first round of Ivf and after having 13 eggs collected I was so disappointed to discover only 2 had fertilised. We had had several normal SA's and the sample taken on the day was also fine. I tried to look for positive stories online and really struggled so thought I would start this for anyone else going through the same thing.

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and so far so good so just wanted to say it really is quality over quantity!

Hopefully this will give reassurance to at least one person

Fabi xxx

sleepisforthetired Wed 19-Mar-14 20:45:46

Congratulations! How lovely smile flowers

Iwillorderthefood Wed 19-Mar-14 20:46:01

Congratulations, I hope it all goes well for you.

Figaro82 Wed 19-Mar-14 21:04:45

Wow congratulations! I start down reg on Saturday so it's great to hear good news story's like this!!!

FabiOne Wed 19-Mar-14 21:28:52

Thanks ladies

Figaro82 - all the best for your treatment. Xxx

Dreamy33 Wed 19-Mar-14 21:45:24

Congratulations Fabi! thanks

I've thought about you often since we exchanged messages some time ago. I'm so delighted to hear your news. I'm in the middle of an ivf cycle at the moment and this is a really lovely story to hear. It will help keep me motivated and spur me on to be less of a wimp with my injections!!!


Shellster52 Wed 19-Mar-14 22:46:23

FabiOne, can I ask you a question. With your 2 fertilised eggs, what day did you have embryo transfer? One study suggests that day 5 gives higher success than day 3 because embryo's do not like progesterone in the uterus at day 3. So I want a day 5 transfer but I normally only get a few eggs and my clinic does day 5 transfer only if there are more than 4 embryos alive at day 3 to grow on to day 5. Just wondering if I should insist on day 5 regardless (and then live in regret if they don't make it that far in the lab!)

FabiOne Thu 20-Mar-14 11:22:02

Dreamy33 - good luck with your cycle. Message me to let me know how it goes. Will be thinking of you. Hope the injections are bearable xxx

Shellster - I had a day 3 transfer as it was clear which of the two was the best (as it happened the second one wasn't good enough grade to freeze by day 5 so they definitely put the right one back). From what I've read it doesn't matter whether you have it transferred at day 3 or day 5. Day 5 embryos give the embryologist a better chance at determining which one is the best quality and likely to work. If you read success rates, they are better with day 5 embryos but you can't compare the two as those that go back at day 3 are ones like mine when there aren't as many to choose from and you have to work with what you've got. I was a little worried that day 3 was too early but once it was back I felt like it was back where it belonged. And there is always the worry that the grade could alter significantly in those extra couple of days which mean none of them go back (although I guess this would probably have been the same had they gone back by day 3, you just wouldn't know it as it will already be inside). It's a difficult one!

With the progesterone pesseries you take I wouldn't worry about the progesterone levels but obviously I am no expert! Perhaps you could speak to the embryologist at your clinic so she understands your fears and is able to offer some advice? Hope you get some answers and are able to go with whatever makes you feel better. Good luck with this cycle. Hopefully you'll have lots of fertilised eggs that you won't need to even worry about it and I'll be going for day 5 anyway xxxx

FabiOne Thu 20-Mar-14 11:26:36

*WILL be going for day 5 not I'll DOH!

Trooperslane Thu 20-Mar-14 11:30:18

Congrats Fabi thanks

It only takes one wink

worldgonecrazy Thu 20-Mar-14 11:38:24

Congratulations - I wish you a healthy pregnancy and look forward to the birth announcement!

I have a 4 year old DD from ivf.

Shellster52 Thu 20-Mar-14 19:03:01

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply FabiOne. One study shows that if progesterone rises on the day of the HCG trigger, then the success rates are much lower for a day 3 but not for a day 5 transfer. I'll get my blood taken on day of HCG and hopefully my progesterone hasn't risen and I won't have to worry. Either way, it worked for you smile You must feel so happy after the emotional roller coaster of IVF. I hope it's all worthwhile in the end for me too!

FabiOne Mon 31-Mar-14 20:33:22

Troop and world - thanks for the congrats smile

Shell - good luck for your treatment. Please let me know how you get on xxx

Shellster52 Mon 31-Mar-14 23:08:22

Thanks for you well wishes FabiOne. Starting estrogen tablets today in prep for IVF next cycle so the IVF ball is starting to roll... again.

keeponjuggling Tue 01-Apr-14 12:53:10

wow, that's fantastic. Huge congratulations!! wishing you a very happy & health pregnancy smile

Boygirl5 Thu 10-Apr-14 23:56:04

Fabulous news, congrats to you and your partner. x

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