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Damaged uterus?

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ChampagneTastes Sun 16-Mar-14 15:04:46

Hello - I'm wondering if people can shed some light on a couple of things for me. I have a DS and have been trying for a DC2 for 14 months now. My DH has done a sperm test which was fine; I'm reasonably confident that I'm ovulating (raised temperature; hormones indicated on ovulation sticks, etc). The GP has finally agreed to do blood tests but I have two key questions:

1. Once the blood tests are done, what's the next step (assuming I AM ovulating)?

2. I have a theory that the problem is due to possible damage to my womb in the first pregnancy (I had a fibroid, low-lying placenta and a rather difficult birth). The GP barely even registered my concern about this. Am I being ridiculous? Or is this a real possibility?

I know lots of people are having a far harder time with this stuff than I am but I'd be massively grateful for any response. I'm not very good at navigating the world of healthcare.

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