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Hysteroscopy before IVF

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Figaro82 Fri 07-Mar-14 21:51:59

I am booked in for a Hysteroscopy next Friday, a week before I start down reg. Although we are NHS funded we are paying to have this done following advice from our consultant. I had an ERPC 3 years ago after an MMC. I fell pregnant first time and have struggled since the procedure which my consultant believes may be have potentially left some scaring. I'm pleased we are having this done prior to our first IVF attempt however a little apprehensive about having it done and what they may find. Has anyone had this done before and if so what was it like and did they find anything?

lucytee Mon 10-Mar-14 22:38:13

Hi Hun , I've had one done a few weeks back because the HCG i had done to check my tubal patencey showed a fibroid of some sort in my womb, any way I had the procedure and everything was fine ther was know sign of any fibroids , the procedure isn't pain full you just feel some discomfort more like pressure. Ther insert a tiny camera into your uterus and insert water into the cavity to enable them to get a clear view, you can see for your self and watch it on the screen as the nurses are doing it. ! really Nothing to worry about at all! You may feel slightly crampy after woods ..Good luck. smile I'm also having funded Ivf first app is April smile x

Figaro82 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:23:52

Thank you Lucy for your reply! I'm getting nervous about having it done! I'm not worried about it being uncomfortable , however I'm worried that they may find something! Thanks to google and an over active imagination , I'm convinced I have Ashermans Syndrome. Just want to fast forward now! Where you having IVF? Good luck with it! I'm praying I can go ahead with it and start down reg next week! X

Shellster52 Wed 12-Mar-14 02:56:36

Hi Figaro. I can definitely understand your anxiousness about what they will find, especially after your consultants comments. I had a laparoscopy done after a HSG showed one blocked tube. They cleared it during the lap and the dr said many women get pregnant naturally in the next couple of months following this procedure but still no BFP - turns out hubby has 100% abnormal sperm adding to our issues. So I guess there is nothing I can say to help ease your concerns - you just need it to be over with so you can get reassurance everything is okay! Do they actually peform 'the scratch' during the hysteroscopy? Seems that is what I read a lot about on here and the one womans story I followed on here who had it done before her last IVF is now pregnant, after repeated previous IVF failures. So heres hoping it helps up your chances too.

Figaro82 Wed 12-Mar-14 07:01:59

Hi Shellster52 thanks for your post. I've not got long to wait now but I'm impatient! They are calling me today to confirm the time and I'm going to ask about the 'scratch' as I have not heard about it until I saw it on here the other day. It seems to help success rates so I will of course ask them to do this at the same time! Sorry about your husbands sperm count. What is your next option?

lucytee Wed 12-Mar-14 19:03:43

I'm under a consultant at Jamescook in middlesbrough for my Ivf , I understand your worrying ever procedure I have had there have found something ! I have one partial blocked tube and Pcos , and my partner has low sperm count so we will be having icsi. It is worrying it's an awful journey but it will be one step closer to were you want to be ! Google makes you worse I used to symptom check all the time , hope it goes okay for you, like I sed I was worried sick but it turned out there was nothing there ,Were are you at x

Figaro82 Wed 12-Mar-14 21:04:56

Hey Lucy! Every test we have had so far had been perfect so I have no real reason to worry! I just hope our last test before IVF starts is the same. It is frustrating though being under the unexplained infertility banner though as you sometimes just want to know what's stopping us from having a baby! We are at Bourn Hall who I have nothing but praise for so far. Good luck to you! X

Shellster52 Wed 12-Mar-14 23:49:15

Same for me Fiagro - never heard of the scratch til I read it on here. Stats seem to say it helps. To answer your question, our next option (or rather, our only option!) is IVF with ICSI. My period should arrive in the next few days and then I am going ahead with my fourth IVF cycle. Please let this one put an end to this journey - enough is enough!

Figaro82 Thu 13-Mar-14 18:29:44

Really hope it's the end of your journey Shellster. Sounds like it's not been a fun or easy journey! Will keep everything (except my legs!) crossed for you!

I very rarely get nervous but I am so nervous about my Hysteroscopy tomorrow. So nervous I've been sick which has never happened before! Just want to fast forward now! So worried that they will find something!

Shellster52 Fri 14-Mar-14 01:04:27

Oh Figaro, I really feel for you. Hopefully by the time you read this, it is all over with and you have been reassured everything is normal. Even if they do find something, at least it's a step towards knowing what is going on and being able to work around the issue. I was so stressed when I first found out my husbands sperm issue. But now I am glad as it saves me from wasting time trying naturally and getting my hopes up each month. Let us know how you get on. Will be thinking of you.

Figaro82 Fri 14-Mar-14 19:23:59

Thank you so much Shellster! Thankfully it was all fine! My lining is slightly too thin but not enough to be the reason for our infertility. It was pretty amazing as got to see inside my uterus and it was really strange seeing it in screen! They did the scrape and a biopsy and that bit hurt do much!!! You feel silly after getting so worked up, but then that's how women work sometimes!!! Start down reg next Saturday!

Shellster52 Fri 14-Mar-14 20:06:55

So glad for you (Figaro*. So it's all systems go now. Hopefully the scratch will encourage new lining and make your lining a bit thicker for the all important IVF. I so wish they did it here in Australia. I am on CD2 and starting my injections today so a bit ahead of you. This is my 4th IVF (plus one cancelled cycle) so I have a bit of a different mindset.

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