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IVF failed first cycle - acupuncture and Chinese Medicine anyone tried?

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Zackster Sun 02-Mar-14 14:46:12

Hi all,
My wife and I have just had a failed pregnancy test on our 1st cycle of IVF, we have had all the tests done and there appears to be nothing wrong, my wife had 16 eggs, 9 fertilised, 1 frozen and 1 emplanted.

I am a little shocked at only 1 embrio being frozen as we had 9 eggs fertilised, we are going to the Oxford Fertility Unit for treatment, has anyone had experience from here? Our first IVF is NHS funded but only this one.

We are now thinking of using the frozen embrio for our 2nd try, and after reading lots of reports and peoples comments on here, we were wondering if we should try, accupunture and Chinese medicine before the Frozen embrio transfer.

We live near Milton Keynes, has anyone tried the accupunture or Chinese medicine together with a frozen embrio transfer?

Any advice for 2 desparate people is Rey welcome.

Best regards,

TheBuggerlugs Sun 02-Mar-14 17:22:05

Hi Zack. Sorry about the failed cycle. I've recently undergone IVF and for 3 months before me and my DH did the following:

No booze
Brazil nuts daily (me)
Menevit tablets (him)
Accupuncture fortnightly (me)
I was also signed off work during the treatment due to previous miscarriages and anxiety.

We had 14 eggs, 5 made it to day 5 so 2 we're put back and 3 frozen. We got a bfp and a scan on Friday revealed one baby. I can't say what made the difference or if we were just lucky but I definitely think accupuncture is worth it but I'd steer clear of Chinese herbs.

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