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FIFIBEBE Thu 27-Feb-14 11:42:59

Hi, wondered if I could get a quick answer and here seemed like the best place. I am seeing a friend today who has has ICSI treatment and is having a scan today to find out if all has worked and she is pregnant. Obviously really hope she is. My question is would she not already know as the procedure happened about a month ago? Clearly it is up to her how much she discloses and may want to wait until 12 weeks or whenever to tell me, entirely her choice. I just want to say and do the right thing by her. Any advice.

eurochick Thu 27-Feb-14 14:35:52

Yes, she would normally have had either a blood or urine pregnancy test around 2 weeks after egg collection. If they are giving her a scan, that test would have been positive, but I expect she is feeling very nervous and not broadcasting the result until she feels more secure (it took 5 scans in my case, each time being amazed that there was something on the screen, to feel able to tell people).

naty1 Thu 27-Feb-14 16:30:39

They usually do an early scan to check there is a feotus there the size and for a heart beat. (The sac can be empty and you could have a missed miscarriage)
Also could be multiples, or ectopIc which can be more commen after treatment.

FIFIBEBE Thu 27-Feb-14 18:03:39

Thank you both, appreciate it.

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