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Feeling pressured into sex

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bouncingbelle Thu 27-Feb-14 00:13:13

NOT by my dp, I hasten to add! But by the fact that we HAVE to do it days 10-14 or the whole cycle will have been wasted ( on last cycle of clomid n feels like last chance saloon sad ) it got to the stage tonight where it was just really awkward, we both felt under pressure and despite our best efforts it didn't really happen blush

Does this happen to anyone else and how do you cope??? Surely making a baby should be fun???!!

Shellster52 Thu 27-Feb-14 05:09:33

I was just reading the topics in the infertility section and noticed that I am the last to post in about 5 of them. So I feel like I am taking over this site by replying to you on this thread too!

But I just wanted to say that personally, I try not to tell hubby about what is going on with my ovulation and fertility treatment, so that he isn't under pressure to perform. At the moment I am trying to have more sex in the lead up to our next IVF as I read a study that showed after more frequent ejaculation, the sperm sample had less DNA damage. But I haven't told my hubby this info - just whoo him in the bedroom. Although it does make it feel like it's all on my shoulders and takes the enjoyment out of it for me.

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