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PCOS? Confused :(

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cocolestrange Wed 26-Feb-14 19:51:10

Hi all,

I'm under the care of a fantastic uro-gynae (for a bladder op) who recently asked about my menstrual cycle. I explained that I don't really have periods - just the tiniest spot on ONE day, twice a month. This is despite getting awful period pain and swollen breasts etc for about two weeks (and am an utterly horrible emotional, hormonal monster!). It's all talk no action!

He did a scan and found 10 cysts in my left ovary and said he wanted to check for PCOS. The blood tests taken on Day 3 after my first period (if you can even call it a period - a pretty pathetic excuse for a period!) revealed:

FSH: 2.9, LH: 12.5, Estrogen: 500

I haven't seen him to discuss this yet, but my GP said "it explains your irregular periods - speak to your consultant".
Does this look like PCOS? The waiting is killing me and I don't see him for another two weeks.

I'm 27 with no kids and I would really hope that I could start a family over the next couple of years.

Any advice would be much appreciated x <3

naty1 Wed 26-Feb-14 21:04:39

Certainly pcos has higher lh than fsh usually over double. But i guess its also possible the tests are taken at wrong time with the odd periods.
They may also test SBGH and testosterone and prolactin and also progesterone though this is usually after ovulation
Do you have other symptoms, weight gain, acne, excess hair?

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