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Clomid for second baby

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Bambozzledbybabystuff Tue 25-Feb-14 13:35:05


I was about to start clomid prior to first pregnancy - pcos on ultrasound and bloods and had irregular periods (and seldom positive for ovulation on clear blue). However I was very lucky and had a very normal cycle just before my clinic appointment and got pregnant.

We want to start trying for a second baby. However my periods have been even more erratic since having my baby, with up to two months between them and a lot of spotting prior to actual bleeding. I am not convinced I am ovulating at all.

My question is would a clinic want us to try for a while prior to prescribing clomid or would I be able to get it straight away? Also, as I am in Scotland I was under the impression I would have to pay for it privately as I have a baby already - is that correct or is that only for ivf?

Thank you!

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