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Sperm test results not good, is there any hope?

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squirral Sat 22-Feb-14 21:05:20

So I'm not ovulating have ridiculously high prolactin and now found out that the assumed routine test on my hubby before I could get clomid has revealed all kinds of problems with his swimmers. Oh and another relative is pregnant after leaving it late in life, just fell pregnant with ease.
Is there any hope? Can clomid help if hubby only has 2% that look normal? (Sad)

Solaia Sun 23-Feb-14 15:18:21


I'm not sure how to link to my thread but I put a thread in conception last week crowing about our most recent sperm analysis results.

In July last year DH had 25mill sperm count and 15% motility. We have been on a strict regime of vitamins and his SA last week was miles better. I think it was 90million and 60% motility although I've forgotten the exact figures...sorry.

Is your DH taking vitamins? And you? Usually I am a total sceptic about that sort of thing but they really do seem to have worked for us. Not only has DH's sperm improved but I'm much happier with my own cycle as well, although I do ovulate so no need for Clomid.

Don't give up hope! I know how hard it is when everyone around you is having babies. Good luck!

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