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Anyone done the boost/flare IVF protocol. How did it go?

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Shellster52 Thu 20-Feb-14 22:22:35

I have been a poor responder to previous IVF attempts. My doctor suggested a boost cycle, where I sniff a drug while I simultaneously take the FSH injections. The sniffing drug causes my brain to be drained of FSH and gives my ovaries and extra boost of FSH hormone at the start of my cycle to get the follicles growing. I was feeling really good about this until I read the following:

While it indeed increases the release of FSH, it at the same time causes a surge in LH release. The latter can evoke excessive ovarian stromal androgen production which could potentially compromise egg quality. I am of the opinion that by evoking an exaggerated ovarian androgen response, can harm egg/embryo quality and reduce IVF success rates, especially in older women, and in women with diminished ovarian reserve . Accordingly, I do not prescribe them at all.

I have also read similar comments on other internet sites and am now very worried (Darn you, Dr Google!). So I am curious as to how other women have responded to this protocol to set my mind at ease.

Littlemissnutmeg Fri 21-Feb-14 08:53:43

Why don't you give Natural IVF a try Shellster. Iv'e been told recently by a clinic in London that there is no point in doing a medicated cycle as i will be unlikely to respond. I'm 38 with a high FSH, 20.5, but the clinic say they can work with this. I'm really thinking of going ahead with it.

ylstar Wed 09-Apr-14 09:12:43


I have highish FSH (for my age) and just had my first cycle using a Flare protocol. I had 5 eggs and two were transferred. It didn't lead to a chemical pregnancy. I have also read the blog from Dr Sher's website. I find a lot of what he says sensible but none of the clinics I have spoken to in London adopt his protocol. I think in the area of IVF, there is a lot of subjectivity regarding the protocols for stimulation. However, I do think that as he's consciously thought about the specific issue of LH and low ovarian reserve, his protocol can't be worse than others? Problem is that he's based in the US.

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