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Is it possible that iv'e ovulated on cycle day 6 ?

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Littlemissnutmeg Wed 19-Feb-14 20:20:04

I'm 38 and have been told by both my doctor and infertility nurse that i'm in perimenopause, early stages of menopause. My most recent FSH was 20.5. Iv'e been having irregular periods for a couple of years now which are light and short, only lasting 2 days. I was all set to try Clomid until that ghastly FSH. Now the infertility nurse is saying that i'm very unlikely to benefit from Clomid. My last 2 cycles have both been 30 days, so a bit more regularity than in previous months. Anyway, my period came last Thursday and was all done and dusted by Saturday. Then on Monday afternoon i kept having sharp twinges low down on my left side that came and went on into Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday morning when i went to the toilet and wiped, there was a clear, slippery discharge on the loo paper. Sorry too much info, then a long, clear strand of mucus oozed out of me which i caught between my fingers. It was very stretchy, stretched around 4 inches. Then when i put my finger inside i was very wet and slippery. I haven't seen mucus like this for 2 or 3 years so i was surprised and am now feeling a little bit hopeful. The twinges have now gone and i didn't find anymore mucus, i'm back to dry now. Is it really possible i could have ovulated so early in my cycle ?

Littlemissnutmeg Wed 19-Feb-14 20:25:17

Ps, i phoned the infertility nurse and she thinks it's unlikely that i ovulated but to me it really did look like egg white cervical mucus and the pains felt like ovulation. Also, i haven't had intercourse for about a week so it wasn't any sort of sexual discharge and i wasn't feeling particularly horny. However, i did pounce on my husband as soon as i saw the slippery stuff!

Littlemissnutmeg Wed 19-Feb-14 20:58:06

Anyone had this happen to them ?

FlumpieWumpie Wed 19-Feb-14 21:24:47

Hello... I am a bit older (45), but my periods are now all wonky (have been for about 4 years) - sometimes day 15, sometimes day 70 - but I was always quite regular before. Recently had blood tests and my FSH was 20. I was told that's very high (if trying to conceive - it should be under 10), but I'd have needed to score over 23 to be in the peri-menopause. Though that's obviously where I am headed!

A few years before all this, I spent ages trying to get pregnant... so I know LOTS about stretchy discharge! Definitely sounds like ovulation to me - YES it could be on Day 6. I also used to get pain/twinges before/during ovulation. Cycles are all different. The basic rule is once you've ovulated (stretchy discharge/pain time), then it is approx 14 days until the next period. See if that works this month for you. I seem to be currently ovulating (stretchy discharge/pain) sometimes more than once a cycle. No idea really.

I couldn't get pregnant naturally for whatever reason (when cycle was normal), but IVF worked for us! We went private due to waiting list. Pregnant first time. Very lucky I know.

Do you already have child/children?

Littlemissnutmeg Wed 19-Feb-14 21:39:16

Yes i have 3 children, youngest is age 7. I have none with my husband, he is a lot younger than me and has no kids so it would have been lovely to produce a child for him. I was always very fertile in the past, i realise i was extremely lucky. I always used to get around 4 or 5 days of the stretchy discharge and twinges mid cycle back in those days. Then a couple of years ago i stopped getting the stretchy discharge, hadn't seen it for ages, until it made an appearance yesterday morning. I'm not entitled to IVF on the NHS as i already have children and can't afford to go private. Been told IVF with drugs won't benefit me although it's possible Natural IVF could work. So pleased for you that your IVF worked for you first time xx

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