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clomid help!!!

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mercer1982 Mon 17-Feb-14 14:35:48


I am new to this site and wondered if anyone could help!!! we are in the process of trying of our first baby. I have been given clomid (sanofi Aventis) from a friend who also took it. Has anyone used this brand before?

Happilymarried155 Mon 17-Feb-14 15:12:38

Are you being monitored whilst taking this?

mercer1982 Mon 17-Feb-14 17:03:33

no I am not. I have been to see my doctor as we have been ttc for just over 10 months. he has advised me that that's the first thing they would suggest I try. They are unable to refer me for another 2 months and the waiting list is around 3-6 months.

my friend has had her baby and offered them to me instead of binning them. I am waiting to know the facts before hand. As I do not want to cause any problems.

my dad is poorly at the moment with cancer and I guess I also feel pressured to give him something to look forward to and also to make sure he doesn't miss out on anything. x

AnyFucker Mon 17-Feb-14 17:04:57

It would be a huge mistake to take fertility medications without being under the supervision of a doctor.

if this post is real, you could wreck your fertility for ever if you do such a foolhardy thing

Happilymarried155 Mon 17-Feb-14 17:25:28

I too wouldn't recommend taking them without some sort of monitoring. These things do need to be monitored closely and prescribed by a doctor x

Wilberforce2 Mon 17-Feb-14 17:40:05

Definitely wouldn't recommend taking Clomid without doctors advice/monitoring. If you haven't had any investigations then you may not have anything wrong in which case if you ovulate on your own you could risk overstimulation which is dangerous, you may have blocked tubes and Clomid would send you on your way to an ectopic. Ask the GP to do some initial tests to check your progesterone levels and also to see if you are ovulating and then take it from there, they can test your partner as well.

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