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emotional support for sister following failed IVF

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VandT Mon 17-Feb-14 10:55:42

I am looking for advice about how I can support my lovely sister who has just had a 3rd failed IVF cycle. She already has one DC and unexplained secondary infertility. It breaks me to see how broken she is. She is like a shell of her normal self - this deep deep sadness and her face looks tormented. She is taking a year off now as they can't - emotionally or financially - afford any further interventions. I would like her to be able to think about healing herself emotionally and physically but don't know where to start. I just wondered if anyone who has been through this had any words of wisdom about how to support someone through this? Thank you.

VandT Mon 17-Feb-14 20:11:04

anyone? I just wondered if there are support groups/ counselling that could be recommended? thank you

GoAndDoSomeWork Mon 17-Feb-14 20:19:44

Fertility friends is a UK based website which has a great message board divided into sections according to what stage you're at etc

dietcokeandwine Mon 17-Feb-14 21:20:19

V so sorry to hear about your sister. I went through three years of secondary infertility before having my DS2 (we were hugely lucky because our first ivf worked) and it is incredibly hard.

Second the Fertility Friends suggestion. Her ivf clinic should have counselling facilities so if she's willing, definitely worth encouraging her to go.

Another thing I'd suggest would be finding some kind of alternative therapy treatment (reflexology, acupuncture etc) with a practitioner who specialises in fertility issues. Might be helpful both for physical and emotional recovery-I had reflexology during my years of infertility and it was really helpful.

The other stuff is probably what you are already doing-being there for her, talking about it when she wants to, avoiding the subject when she wants to. You sound like a lovely sister btw.

VandT Mon 17-Feb-14 21:40:26

Thank you both for your advice. I will definitely have a look at fertility friends. She has been having acupuncture and has found the practitioner really helpful so I will see if she is considering continuing with her.

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