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Please help me clutch at straws ....

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bouncingbelle Sat 15-Feb-14 20:38:21

Or alternatively get me to face facts gently! Could i be having implantation bleeding on day 25 or is it far too late and it's just the start of an early period? I'm on my 5th round of clomid and could only 'do the deed' on day 9 due to dp being away for work. Had the day 21 test on day 22 and my progesterone level was 30.9 which the nurses were pleased with and said I would get my period in the next 7-10 days. I did fall pregnant on cycle 2 and had some implantation bleeding on day 23 (but later miscarried). I would have just said it was def period if not for my progesterone level still being quite high (for me - used to be 0.7 without clomid!) on Wednesday and the nurse saying it would be another week before I, d get my period. I just can't face much more disappointment.

Shellster52 Sun 16-Feb-14 10:18:56

Well, don't really have an answer either way but couldn't read and run. From an objective viewpoint, I could say 'you will know soon enough', but after 3 failed IVF's I know that every minute takes too long when you are waiting for an answer.

Do you know what day you ovulated? And how long are your cycles usually? It at least sounds promising that Clomid does definitely work for you. I am about to embark on my 4th round of IVF so I completely get not being able to handle the pain any longer.

bouncingbelle Sun 16-Feb-14 14:32:48

Thanks fir the response, I have a regular 28 day cycle, normally ovulate on day 13 or 14. I think I know myself it's too late for implantation bleeding but just don't want to face facts. hmm

Shellster52 Sun 16-Feb-14 21:07:10

How are you coping belle? I guess by now your period would be more of a flow if it was actually your dreaded period starting. After 3 months of Clomid and 3 failed IVF's, I always find it helpful to have a plan B in my head so that I don't fall to pieces when the current plan fails. How many rounds of Clomid do they plan on doing for you or what is the plan from here? Do you have any explanation for your failure to conceive naturally?

bouncingbelle Sun 16-Feb-14 22:24:34

I had heavier bleeding when I wiped again today, but again not a proper sustained bleed so I don't know when to start counting day 1 for my next round of clomid,
I think part of my fear this time is that there is no plan b at the moment. The next round of clomid will be my 6th and that was all we were going to be given. I have a meeting at the hospital on 10th march to discuss next steps but right now there are none as my BMI is 33 and needs to be under 30. I,ve lost 18 pounds in the past 2 months so the weight is coming off but v slowly!
No reason given for my inability to ovulate. Apart from my advanced age, as the first consultant told me! (I was 35 at the time, I'm now 38) hmm

Shellster52 Mon 17-Feb-14 03:43:08

You have done amazing to lose the weight. I need to lose just 2 more kilograms to make my BMI 25, but it is so hard to stay motivated when I am depressed about this whole situation.

I know that Clomid can muck up/lighten your period. It works by binding to estrogen receptors but the problem is that then the estrogen can't do it's job on your lining to make it thick and ready for a baby. I already had a light cycle to begin with and after three rounds of Clomid it was down to a few drops of blood that lasted half a day.

I was planning to go ahead with IVF next round but have been all stressed out today because it is now CD14 and my OPKs are still negative so now it seems I am not going to ovulate. Yet I don't want to keep putting off IVF because like you, time is not on my side. It's scary how quickly time passes. I was 34 when I started trying and will be 37 this July.

Sorry, came on here to help cheer you up and I have just vented about my problems!

lovetheseasons1 Mon 17-Feb-14 03:49:58

Hi there .. Just wanted to say that I found an acupuncturist who was a fertility specialist and got me ovulating again. I just wondered if it might help you x

bouncingbelle Mon 17-Feb-14 17:47:33

Thanks for the responses and shellster - vent away! Is good to know other people on the same boat (selfishly). I,ve actually been having accupuncture and could keep this up once my last round of clomid finishes - do you think I could ask my gp to check my day 21 results to see if I could ovulate on my own? It would at least make me feel I was doing something whilst trying to get my weight down, so thanks for the suggestion! smile

Shellster52 Mon 17-Feb-14 22:24:31

I don't know how your system works over there but for me in Australia, it is easy to get a blood test whenever I want. My acupuncturist is also a doctor so she gave me a bunch of referrals for blood tests and I can just get them done whenever I want. I actually take blood for a living so sometimes I even take my own blood and take it to work to get it checked! So yes, if it's easy to do, no harm to get a day 21 blood test to see if you ovulate naturally.

Is your period still normal heaviness after 5 rounds of Clomid?

Yes, it is SO GOOD to know people in the same boat to have people who understand. I don't really have anyone like that in real life so it is so nice to chat to you.

Well my period has arrived today after my last cycle was only 14 days! Maybe it just wanted to line up with you so we can go through the same stresses at the same time! Spoke to my IVF nurse this morning and she said I should wait until I have had a normal cycle before I start IVF. Don't know why my cycle has suddenly gone haywire. I was taking Aspirin as that is supposed to help get more eggs for IVF. But I have also read that it can stop ovulation so now I am not sure if I should take it this cycle and risk another dud cycle, or stop it and then risk getting the usual low amount of eggs in IVF and have IVF fail again!

bouncingbelle Tue 18-Feb-14 13:34:52

Mine started properly yesterday too! My periods gave always been very light so not really noticed a change whilst on clomid, interesting what you say about aspirin tho - I,ve been on a daily dose since I had a stroke 7 years ago. This is my last cycle on clomid so giving it everything I,ve got - herbal wines, accupuncture, reflexology, no alcohol, healthy diet and lots of baby making!! Fingers crossed this is. Both our months!!

Shellster52 Wed 19-Feb-14 01:45:10

So Belle, you have been taking Asprin for seven years and your cycle hasn't mucked up on it at all?

Perhaps then it isn't the aspirin that caused my short non ovulating cycles?

I am not even remotely hopeful of a BFP this month as DH has 100% abnormal sperm so logically that means 0% chance of natural conception. But with my recent history, I will just be happy with a positive OPK and a normal cycle so I can start IVF next cycle.

Good luck on your last Clomid month and giving it your all.

bouncingbelle Wed 19-Feb-14 19:57:40

I,ve always had a regular 28 day cycle, even when I wasn't ovulating, so have no idea when I stopped ovulating, before or after starting the aspirin. It,s certainly not anything that my consultants (cardiac, infertility, obstetric) have mentioned stopping but I will be asking them about it at my next appointment now!

Shellster52 Wed 19-Feb-14 23:24:19

Oh okay. So how did you know you were not ovulating? Did you have had day 21 prog tests done in the past that showed you were not ovulating and that is why they started you on Clomid?

bouncingbelle Thu 20-Feb-14 00:43:53

Yes, I had 6 months worth of day 21 tests done (and day 18/19/20/22....) before my go finally accepted I wasn't ovulating!! (And the results were all around the 0.7 mark, not even borderline!)

Shellster52 Thu 20-Feb-14 04:45:07

Bizzare that you still have a textbook 28 day cycle - maybe the aspirin inhibiting ovulation theory is true then! I think I am going to stop my daily Aspirin from today (CD3) until after I ovulate this cycle and then take it up again after ovulation in prep for IVF next cycle.

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