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Lap and Dye

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primaryteacher13 Thu 13-Feb-14 19:11:33

I'm a 23 year old primary school teacher from Manchester. Been ttc for 18 months with no result. I also suffer from horrendous period pain. Recently had my second fertility appointment. My first one was with a nurse who directed me for bloods and my partner for a sperm sample. My second one which was yesterday was with the consultant who gave us our results, mine was good as it would be expected at 23 but my partners came back as 'low mobility' and he said only 8% were moving. The consultant said that we could still get pregnant from these tests but he seems to think my partners sperm sample was incorrect so has directed him for another. I have been booked in for a lap and dye in April as the symptoms I have are typical of endometriosis (horrendous period pain, pain during intercourse). I'm just wondering has anybody else had the same problems? What happened after lap and dye? I've read many success stories where women fall pregnant shortly after? Is this true? Is it painful?

Lauren83 Fri 14-Feb-14 06:48:47


Are you at St Mary's? I'm from Manchester too, although we have been trying 7 years. I have been through the ivf and gynae depts there and had 2 laps, my endo is really really bad though and I have several other issues too, my partner also has low count

Lauren x

primaryteacher13 Fri 14-Feb-14 06:57:37

No I'm at Salford Royal. They seem really helpful so far. Did you notice any difference after your lap and dye? How long was it until you were put on the IVF list? Xx

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