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Hopeful about Surrogacy

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Luckystarfour Fri 07-Feb-14 22:23:28

After benefiting from much support on many of the MN forums over the last 2.5 years , we now find ourself or yet another part of our journey, in the hope of finding a surrogate to make our dream come true of becoming parents.

My dh and I are 36/35 and have been ttc for the last 2.5 years through IVF treatment. This journey has really been a emotional one with many twists and turns in trying to understand why we have struggled to conceive. Recently in Dec my dh had some great news that his sperm results are in line with the WHO guidelines, which we feel may well provide us with our chance of using our own embryos still. I have some immune factors which might be the reason that our embryos are not embedding.

We are such a loving and strong couple and have really kept faith in the fact that we will achieve our dream. We have reached the final options in our journey - either to consider a further ICSI round with DE and DS back up or continue, whilst we are still young, with our own embryos, but to find a surrogate which might then rule out the embedding factors I face, to ensure our embryos have the best success. As Im sure many of you will relate to, this is not a decision taken lightly. I would simply love to have experienced pregnancy, I work as a speech and language therapist and have always been surrounded by children. The reality though is that we would love to give our embryos the best possible chance.

After reading through the sites, I understand that so many couples are successful in finding their own surrogates through FF and we are really hopeful that we may find a surrogate here too. We have a fantastic clinic in London who is more than happy to support us and our surrogate, we are also happy to work with an organisation if required to reassure our surrogate of the legal side of our agreement.

We would love to be able to share more details about us through a pm with interested surrogates who make consider giving us this precious gift. We are happy to be flexible in the clinic we use, but we know our London clinic achieve such great results and are really supportive of all involved in the journey. Ideally we would love to find someone who could start to prepare for this journey with us now, our clinic could fit us in when we are all ready. We have also learnt to be patient in this journey so we would equally respect any plans our potential surrogate has in their own life.

If any other potential parents or surrogates have any information to share we would also welcome any thoughts, advice, experiences. :-)

sandiy Wed 19-Feb-14 20:25:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sandiy Wed 19-Feb-14 20:26:50

Whoops that was supposed to be pm will ask it to be taken down ASAP.

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