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IUI without Menopur (Clomid only)

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EricaJ Fri 07-Feb-14 06:26:56

Hi ladies,

Hope someone can give me some advice/share some experiences and help me make a decision.

We have been ttc for over two years, one mmc at 11 weeks at the very beginning , one cp 14 months ago, nothing since. All tests came back normal, so we are 'unexplained'. We have tried Clomid for three months, it hasn't worked and we've decided to try IUI.

Just spoke to my gyno on the phone about it. AF arrived yesterday so thought I need to start getting my drugs! smile However, he suggested we use Chlomid only this month because I have been responding so well to it. I got scanned on day 11 while taking Chlomid and all three times I had two big follies. I have always ovulated regularly i in the first place though? Maybe he's worried I will produce too many follies?.

By the way, I know he's not trying to give me a cheaper treatment to save public healthcare money because it's a private clinic (I don't live in a Western country).

Basically his advice at this point is that we try without Menopur. He said that in the end the decision is mine and we can meet to discuss it but I feel I need more information on both options first.

On the one hand, I trust him (he's a very reputable fertility specialist in this part of the world). On the other hand, I really want to give ourselves the best chance to make it work as fast as possible. Who doesn't smile

Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone had any IUI experience with Chlomid only?

Thanks so much in advance!!

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