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struggling ttc - problem?

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omama Tue 04-Feb-14 23:37:45


DH & I have been ttc dc#2 for almost 2 years. I fell pg after 1 year but sadly had mmc in June at 11wks. I stopped charting/opks after mmc as was finding it all too stressful, but we've continued ttc ever since & still no joy.

I decided to chart again this month, so I've got something to go back to the doctor with & I've noticed my BBT seems to be quite low at 96.8-97.3F (36-36.3C). I've checked back at some of my previous charts & it was similar. Could this be part of the problem?

Also its cd18 today & I don't seem to have ovulated yet either ( -opk's & fluctuating temps no clear dip & sustained rise). Last time I used opk's I didn't detect ovulation either but just assumed it still happened but I must've missed it. Now I'm starting to worry......

mawinter Wed 05-Feb-14 09:36:42

Have you had your thyroid levels tested? Some believe a low BBT could be a sign of Hypothyroidism. However having a low BBT does not always mean something is off.
Many women have temperatures within your range and have no underlying issues whatsoever. I for example have temperatures like yours and do suffer from Hypothyroidism, so it may be worth looking in to.
Hypothyroidism can cause issues with ovulation, as well as a whole host of other fertility (mc) and health issues.
Another thing which could cause problems with Ovulation is high Prolactin levels.
It would be worth it to phone your GP and ask for a complete hormone workup.

naty1 Wed 05-Feb-14 17:59:20

I agree check thyroid it can come on after having had a baby.

omama Wed 05-Feb-14 21:31:06

thanks for your replies.

mawinter - Ah I didn't realise low BBT could be a sign of thyroid troubles. Just been looking at the symptoms & I do actually have quite a few of them - but some are so general eg overweight, dry skin, low libido, low mood etc I guess they could be caused by lots of other things too.

I did have my TSH levels checked about a year ago as part of our initial infertility tests. Can't remember the result but GP said was in the normal range. My progesterone result came back as zero but I think they did my bloods on the wrong day. We never got to the stage of repeat/further tests as I fell pg while waiting for the referral to the fertility clinic.

Think I might hang on for the rest of this cycle, just in case by some miracle I'm already pg, then I'll do as you suggest & see GP for a thorough check of my hormone levels.

Thanks again.

naty1 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:30:06

I would certainly find out what you tsh was as there can be some variation as to what is considered normal

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