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IVF or natural alternative ?

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mrsmadbadger Tue 04-Feb-14 16:04:53

Hi I'm new to this website and am desperate need for some advice.

Been to see the consultant today with OH and we got our results. Not good. Follicle count of 7 and AMH less than 4. For my age, not good at all. OH is fine! Given our success rate is 2 - 5% to conceive naturally, and with IVF is 5-6% both of our instincts is to continue as naturally as possible given the low success rate. Unfortunately we live in an area where we have to pay for treatment sad
What I'm asking is, does anyone know of any alternative treatments to help boost my chances of conceiving? I live in North Yorkshire, any advice will be gratefully received.

Andcake Tue 04-Feb-14 20:15:15

Hi I was given similar odds 1% ivf or 1 % naturally. After 3 years 2 mc I ave birth to my wonderful ds 18 mo ago grin all naturally
I had amh 0.5 I think 5 follicles.
It was hard going but this is what I tried not sure what worked
Dhea - research it but I had my first bfp ( 1st mc) after the first 6 weeks, high levels of co enzyme q10, b complex , no booze or caffeine, lots of zinc, vit d, fsh oil.
I also tried to stay chilled ( hard) with lots of yoga!
I also told myself if it don't happen naturally We would adopt and looked into this alt when I got down. I set myself a time limit.
Also dtd religiously around ovulation tracked by cheapie opk.
I lurk in infertility as I have some crazy idea I could conceive again but I also know I am v lucky for beating the odds grin

mrsmadbadger Tue 04-Feb-14 20:40:58

What are your thoughts on accupuncture? I've had it before for an existing back problem, so I'm not needle phobic. Given the odds of naturally conceiving against IVF, we are having difficulty in deciding if it is really worth the finance of going through treatment. I can see a lots of people now screaming at me ' how can you put a price on such a precious life', but the treatment process, the uncertainty of viable eggs and embryos in a small count, and then the possibility of miscarriage, does reduce the overall success of having that much wanted baby.
Part of me is thinking that if I don't try IVF I will never know if it was a missed opportunity, and I will be kicking myself in 5 or 6 years time with the ' if only we took the chance when we did' chat.
I feel like poo at the moment. sad

Andcake Wed 05-Feb-14 09:47:32

Its a horrible diagnosis. I just remember being so upset for years going through it all. I kept on saying I would try IVF but usually I would then get pregnant and as long as I was (even though I was mc) I would say I would just give it another 6 months.
I tried acupuncture - didn't like it. Do you have regular cycles - as I know its meant to help with that. Do you see ewcm each month.

Some drs recommend Dhea for people doing IVF in our situation anyway
(my dp was quite against me taking it until a dr at the recurrent mc clinic said it could be my only hope).{premature_ovaries&gclid=CPaQlv_YtLwCFWfLtAodYm8A6w}

most people who take it and conceive naturally do so in the first 3-4 months - why don't you give yourself say 6 months trying natural remedies and supplements and then re look at it - i think its one of those things which you just have to keep on looking at how you feel. As it might be you choose to save any money for donor IVF.

I always found just the wikipedia page on it all useful about options

My mental attitude was as long as there was an egg each month and I was having periods there was still hope.

IamKuma Sun 09-Feb-14 21:06:55

I don't know much about N. Yorks treatments, I am in London. I have FSH about 15 and AMH 1.6, antral follicle count of 3. I've been put forward for a natural cycle IVF - no stimulating drugs are used, they just monitor your cycle and take the egg at ovulation time; some useful information on It's cheaper than normal IVF as you don't need to take lots of medication. I think with high FSH your body won't respond well to the medication anyway.

I've read about DHEA but am not taking it (yet); currently taking fish oil, Q10 and conception vitamin supplements.

Shellster52 Mon 10-Feb-14 03:37:06

I am in similar circumstances madbadger. AMH was 2.5 at age 34 in 2012. Did 3 rounds of IVF last year. Usually had between 2-4 follicles at start of a cycle but last cycle I took Aspirin for two months prior after reading this helps with eggs collected during IVF. I started with a whopping 15 follicles! Also had repeat AMH test same day as ultrasound and it came back at 6.7 when two years ago it was only 2.5 and it should be going down as I age and not up! Had also taken several supplements over the course of the 3 IVFs so maybe that helped. Unfortunately still not pregnant and doing IVF again next cycle, but doing research for my circumstances and seeing improvement with every single IVF gives me hope to continue on. Don't want to tell you what to do, so just wanted to share my story in case it helps you decide what is best for you.

Andcake I notice you are familiar with the old ewcm. I NEVER seem to get this and it is quite frustrating as I wonder if this is hindering our chances of natural conception between IVF cycles. Wondering if this is also a lovely side effect of my low AMH so am curious to know if you had ewcm with your AMH of 2.5 when you were conceiving?

Thanks for chatting. It's so nice to talk to people in similar circumstnaces.

IamKuma Mon 10-Feb-14 12:06:20

As an update to my post yesterday, I've seen a private FC today who recommended DHEA 25 mg 3 x per day and 600mg Coenzyme Q10 per day to improve egg quality. she also recommended a vit D supplement during the winter months. She didn't think there was much evidence of acupuncture helping other than a small study showing some positive results at egg transfer, so possibly better to use your £ for DHEA.

shell, I've a very low AMH of 1.6 but always have EWCM at ov, so I don't think it is connected. I've heard people recommend a supplement to help with EWCM but can't find the name atm.

Andcake Mon 10-Feb-14 21:25:23

Mostly I would get ewcm for one day even with amh of 0.5!!! But my cycles really varied in length.
Apparently grapefruit helps I think I saw some improvement once.
Also scans showed I ovulated and had good size follicles. My body has been a bit odd since stopping bf a year ago ( and at over 40 have only a slim chance of creating another miracle) but interesting hearing everything people are trying. And also give you hope

Shellster52 Tue 11-Feb-14 05:12:23

Thanks for your replies 'Kuma* and Andcake. So it seems then that low AMH has nothing to do with producing EWCM. Don't know why I don't produce it then. Yes I've tried the grapefruit juice but to no avail.

Also if it gives you hope Kuma, I have been taking the supplements you mention (and more) and have seen improvement with each of my 3 IVF's last year. Cant say for sure it was the supplements or co-incidence, but certainly didn't hurt.

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