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Just has IVF via NHS approved :) :) :)

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Figaro82 Tue 28-Jan-14 11:42:38

I am over the moon! We was told on the 2nd of January that because I had a very early miscarriage in June last year that we would have to wait 3 years from then before we could have IVF on the NHS. We have been ttc for just over 3 years and have had one MMC at the very start. No other BFPs till last year however miscarried (CP) at 5 weeks. We have unexplained infertility so was told IVF was our only option on the NHS. We have been told different things over the last few years, however was told in August last year that we would qualify to have it from January this year. Was obviously very disappointed to be told something different in January. They agreed to send our referral off however was told to expect a decline. Was shocked today to receive a letter today to say we have been approved for funding and have our first appointment arranged at Bourn Hall in the next few weeks!!! Sorry for the rambling but we are not telling anyone and I am so excited that I just have to tell someone about it!!!!!!

booface Tue 28-Jan-14 11:45:57

wow oh wow oh wow, so pleased for you. what lovely news!

rugbychick Tue 28-Jan-14 11:47:28

That's amazing news. Congratulations to you and your dp/dh. Hope all goes well for you both

impatientlywaiting Tue 28-Jan-14 11:49:14

Huge congratulations. Wishing you all the luck in the world.

Figaro82 Tue 28-Jan-14 12:10:56

Thanks ladies! Super excited! Just realised my spelling and grammar are rubbish but I don't care!!! Lol!!

j200 Tue 28-Jan-14 12:42:22

Congratulations and good luck xx

naty1 Tue 28-Jan-14 16:08:19

So happy for you.
Confused though as why they dont try iui/clomid first.

MysteriousHamster Tue 28-Jan-14 19:26:16

Clomid is best used if you don't ovulate, it's not a cure all. And iui isn't super-cheap and not that successful, so they often jump straight ahead to ivf.

Congrats OP!

Figaro82 Tue 28-Jan-14 20:54:38

Thanks ladies. Discussed clomid but no point as I ovulate fine. As hamster said iui is not as successful and the trust that's covering our funding are not a fan of it apparently due to cost.

Ilikesweetpeas Tue 28-Jan-14 20:59:40

Great news, good luck to you

Grittzio Tue 28-Jan-14 21:06:35

Great news. I have a gorgeous boy thanks to NHS IVF, after 6 failed IUI's and a course of clomid, oh and one failed private IVF. My time again and I would ditch the IUI's and go straight to IVF, it can answer so many questions. Good luck to you x

BagOfBags Tue 28-Jan-14 21:14:12

Congratulations! I also have a DS thanks to nhs funded ivf (I also didn't have clomid as I ovulate, we discussed doing iui privately but we're told it wasn't appropriate for us)

Good luck!

ggirl Tue 28-Jan-14 21:17:03

Oh WOW wonderful news...good luck !

naty1 Tue 28-Jan-14 22:07:52

Just looked iui rate 13% (under 35)or so which may be for 2011. Although this looks low I think nhs can fund 3? Or is that Clomid. If it was 3 then slightly similar to 1 ivf round.
I don't know the costing though ivf is around 4k.
Only thing I would say is it would depend on how many cycles of ivf were funded at my pct.
E.g ours only do 1 round. Giving me 30-40% chance overall.
If I could do 3 too that would double my overall chances.
But could cost the pct more altogether. Just looked 1500 pounds per iui at my clinic.
So up to 4500 for 3 rounds. So more than ivf.
Total cost ivf and iui 8500.
I can now see why they would recommend ivf. And age would still be a factor. As you can't nec hang around doing iuis.
Of course if you get 3 ivf or can afford to pay, (or have known reason it wouldn't work then ivf.)
Ideally 2 funded ivfs would be best

True though ivf will also show if sperm don't work well with egg or if envied don't continue growing.
(Estimated figures)

DIddled Tue 28-Jan-14 22:14:02

My beloved pal at work is currently sitting next to me with a 5 month bump- NHS IVF 3rd bash. I can't help but smile everytime she waddles in- it's the loveliest thing that has happened for ages and I am really excited for the baby- in fact I am filling up just thinking about it!!!

I prayed my head off for her and I am going to do the same for you Figaro!!! Good luck- hope that positive story gives you some hope!!! smile

Figaro82 Wed 29-Jan-14 09:55:56

Thanks ladies and its great to hear such positive stories! I know we may not be lucky to have it work first time but we have hope now. Naty we are really lucky to be getting 3 free rounds where we are! x

naty1 Wed 29-Jan-14 10:06:11

Thats great. Takes the pressure off a bit. Gives you really good shot

DIddled Wed 29-Jan-14 22:16:03

I think (your will know more) each round works on how many eggs you produce so you get more than three implants if you have the eggs spare? Is that right? And whilst some people don't get lucky first time- others do!!!

This time my friend ate well avocados, Brazil nuts, not much tea and coffee and so on- don't know if that helped, it's probably just luck isn't it? X

naty1 Wed 29-Jan-14 22:32:41

Ergh avocados

elspethmcgillicuddy Wed 29-Jan-14 22:36:29

Many congrats. My nephew is a Bourn hall baby conceived on a first cycle if IVF despite poor embryo quality and a bleed after implantation.

Wishing the same luck! thanks

Figaro82 Thu 30-Jan-14 15:39:11

I'm not 100% sure how the rounds work Diddled. That will be one of the many questions we will be asking! I agree with Naty on the avocados! If they work though! Elspetg, I have heard so many good things about Bourn Hall and I'm hoping I will have a success story to share too! X

givemeaclue Fri 07-Feb-14 13:09:47

Op great news, check though how long you will be waiting befor you actually start treatment. Good luck,

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