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Looking for fertility hope from others with Endometriosis/ovarian cysts

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Poppet82 Mon 23-Dec-13 12:01:22


I'm new here and nervous. After 18 months of only stalking these sites for information, I'm hoping that posting might help find other ladies with success stories to give my husband and I some hope.

I am 31 years old (DH 30 yrs old with no sperm problems). We've been trying for nearly 18 months. I had been having 7-10 days of black/brown spotting before my periods which was causing me huge anxiety about my fertility. We had a chemical pregnancy on cycle four of trying - I started bleeding 4 days after BFP.

After 6 months I had the full day three and day 21 blood tests, which all came back great and confirmed ovulation etc.

After 12 months my GP referred me to a consultant gynaecologist to investigate the spotting. She recommended Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. I had this procedure 4 weeks ago. She found stage 3 endometriosis and a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. (A complete shock to me as I have none of the usual endo symptoms like pain and heavy periods)

The good news was that the hysteroscopy confirmed that my tubes are open and clear and that the inside of my uterus is perfect. She removed the endo and the cyst without taking any ovarian tissue with it. She was very optimistic about our chances for conceiving after the surgery. Her advice was to try naturally for another two years (!). We were horrified by this and the GP agreed so has said she will refer us to the fertility unit after three months of trying.

I tracked my cycle after the op, and was lucky enough to see a LH surge on the OPK at day 14. I got my period yesterday at day 28 sad Good news that it seems to be back into a pattern but I'm feeling a bit hopeless now as I was hoping to be one of those women you read about who got pregnant immediately after her lap. Silly, I know.

I was just wondering if anyone else has a similar story and who has gone on to conceive? It seems to be a long, hard road for many endo sufferers. Any encouragement desperately needed. I started acupuncture this week to. I'll try anything.

Thanks ladies.

FizzyFeet Tue 24-Dec-13 16:37:56

Hi Poppet, I can't offer a success story yet (!) but wanted to post as it's a lonely business ttc for a long time. I've had a mmc, two ectopics, no Fallopian tubes left, and just had phase 1 of IVF (we chose to freeze the embryos rather than go straight for transfer). Anyway: before I started ivf I had a lap and dye and they removed a fair amount of endo (didn't say a stage but it was moderate rather than mild). And at the start of my cycle they found a large haemorrhagic cyst, which popped itself during my period and had vanished by the time treatment started. At no point have they ever said that the endo is a problem - the lap in March seems to have really helped. My sister has grade 4 endo and conceived her daughter naturally and there are plenty of women on the conception boards who have too. I have experimented with an endo- fighting diet (basically cut out wheat, booze and sugar) and I think that has helped.

Remember the effects of flushing out the tubes can last for 3 months, so there's still a good chance that that might help. And it sounds like you have a fab GP who can help you get through the system (unlike mine who was lovely but hidebound by red tape). Do take heart from your consultant's optimism and the fact that your ovaries, tubes and uterus are in really good shape! You're in a better position to conceive now than you were 18 months ago so hang in there.

Wishing you all the best for a bfp really soon.

armsandtheman Tue 24-Dec-13 16:47:32

I have endo and it took a long time to get pregnant, including early miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. I had the same treatment of you (although I lost a tube with the ectopic) and got pregnant about 4 months later with a healthy DD.

I used the Clearblue unit to help plan my fertile times and had sex every day during the 5 most fertile days. I also think the main difference was that I had genuinely given up at that point and so was very relaxed about it all. I had the pills in the drawer and adoption forms ready, but my DH wanted to try for one more month!

Hope this helps. Good luck!

mylovelymonster Tue 24-Dec-13 16:56:41

Sounds like you won't have too long to wait now you've been sorted out, endo cleared, and been given all clear regarding sperm, tubes, lurking cyst etc. and your cycle looking good!
I had a missed miscarriage at 12weeks at age 35. Had two >8cm and >10cm luteal cyst and adenoma cyst, one on each poor suffering ovary expertly removed and tubes checked. After almost a year later and no pregnancy, went on the assisted conception list, then was pregnant a couple months later - naturally. We have had two natural conceptions and healthy pregnancies and now have two gorgeous girls - 7 & 4.

Lot sod luck and a big Christmas hug xxxxx

Northlondonma Tue 24-Dec-13 16:56:42

Hope my story helps you. I have had endometriosis (diagnosed) for the last 10 years. In that time I have had 5 surgeries to remove the endo. The last 2 surgeries were successful and I managed to get pregnant after each op. You are given a window of optimum fertility in the 3-6 months after the op according to my gynae (who runs a national centre for endometriosis in Oxford). I got pregnant the first time 3 months after an op and 4 months after another op resulting in 2 beautiful children. They are now 4 and 1. I was given this fertility window as endo grows back. My actually grows back quite quickly but this maybe different with different people.

There is definitely hope. Mr Tim Child's is my gynae and I would recommend him wholeheartedly. He has given me 2 beautiful children. Hang in there and my advice would be to try straight away after the op. Please come back to me with any questions. I have years and years of endo experience (unfortunately!). X

mylovelymonster Tue 24-Dec-13 16:57:51

Lots of - don't know what happened there!

Northlondonma Tue 24-Dec-13 16:59:13

Also I used fertility sticks to start to see when I was ovulating. I would have sex every other day from day 8 to day 18 of cycle. I have a 28 day cycle.

Northlondonma Tue 24-Dec-13 17:00:05

Bit tiring though! wink

Mariposa70 Tue 24-Dec-13 19:58:39

I was diagnosed with endo aged 19 (am now 39) and was told then I would probably have trouble conceiving.
Have had 4 laps, numerous rounds of hormone treatment and last op involved removing the endo with a laser.
However, after all that my fertility issue was not ovulating, cue clomid, and 6 yrs later I now have 2 beautiful children.
You are ovulating, first hurdle, everything is clear, second hurdle, endo gone, third hurdle. But as always the biggest hurdle is the waiting.
I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope it all works out smile

raspberryshake Tue 24-Dec-13 20:28:36

I had an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. 10cm across. GP diagnosed me with sciatica. Eventually they realised what it was and I had an oophorectomy. I've since had 2 beautiful children, aged 5 and 2. Tubes open and good womb sounds positive. Hang in there x

Duckstar Wed 25-Dec-13 04:19:15

I was diagnosed with endometriosis earlier this year. Didn't have typical endo symptoms, but was getting increasingly bad sciatica mid cycle and also during period. Also was struggling to conceive DC2 (6 months of trying one chemical pregnancy. DC1 conceived first cycle)

Had laproscopy earlier this year. More because all other tests (ultrasounds, blood) all normal so surgeon couldng understand what was causing pain. Found extensive endo. All removed.

I was told by surgeon to try for 6 months to conceive. He was also positive that should conceive. If no luck then would go down fertility treatment.. Conceived 3rd cycle and am now 20 weeks pregnant.

I also read lots of stories on Internet about people who became pregnant immediately after lap and was so upset when AF turned up twice. I was focused on basically getting to 6 month stage so could go back and get treatment. 3rd cycle I started getting sciatic/period pains 3 days before AF. I was so upset as I thought my endo had come back rapidly. Booked a GP appointment to get referral back to gynaecologist and thought I better do a pregnancy test ( more so I could say definitely not pregnant must be endo) and was shocked to get a BFP.

Best of luck for 2014 and a BFP in the New Year! Try not to get too disheartened. You have been through a big procedure and the body needs time to heal.

moldingsunbeams Wed 25-Dec-13 04:35:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatWayMadnessLies Sat 28-Dec-13 19:30:46

I am 35 and have stage IV endo. Lost one tube because of a Fallopian abscess (most likely linked to endo). I also had a lap last Christmas and hoped that they would remove it all but it was so extensive that they couldn't remove it without sacrificing ovarian function or risking perforating my bowel. I wasn't given the chance to try naturally instead I went on monthly injections to stop my cycle until I got to the top of the ivf list. Two rounds of ivf later and I am 20 weeks pregnant and hoping for the best. The fact that your surgeon was able to remove it all is really good news and you need to give it a few months. Definitely get the referral from your GP though while you keep trying. Hopefully you won't need it but starting the process is a good idea - there is a lot of waiting about in this business!!

Poppet82 Sat 28-Dec-13 21:05:25

Hello ladies

Wow, thank you all so much. I've never used a forum for this kind of thing and I didn't really think anyone would reply.

It's so comforting to hear that others have experienced this and have had success or are on the way.

I'm finding the waiting and emotional strain very difficult. Easier to distract myself over Christmas and not wanting that to end.

I'm going to wait two more cycles with acupuncture and then get that referral. Northlondonma - I'm from Oxfordshire and will be at the Oxford fertility unit if we need it so will hopefully have Tim Childs too!

Only one thing I don't really understand (and my GP doesn't know) - as my day 21 bloods show that I'm ovulating, will I be tried on Clomid first? Or will I be moved onto IUI or IVF? Or do they try Clomid to try and give you increased chances? I know I shouldn't think too far ahead but I'm interested to know the process as its all new to us.

Thanks again, SO much.

armsandtheman Sun 29-Dec-13 15:22:32

Sorry, I never had Clomid, but I live in South Wales and we had an endo specialist nurse who was happy to see you within a couple of weeks with an appointment. She was fab and assisted during the surgery so was able to give lots of reassurance and advice. If you have an expert in the area I bet the nurse who works with them might be able to do the same thing if you want advice on fertility treatments.

FWIW they only discussed IVF with me as I was ovulating, but I decided to adopt rather than do this after looking at the risks, so I got pregnant 'naturally' (apart from the op!)

lumpyprincess Fri 03-Jan-14 16:49:46

Hello, I was diagnosed with endometriosis after i had surgery to remove a lump from my lower tummy(which was a chocolate cyst) before hand i didn't know i had the condition. My now exhusband and i were trying for a baby but to no avail. He had a low sperm count. I went through a laproscopy and then started clomid to get me to ovulate again but it wasn't to be. My marriage failed due to many reasons but this being a big one. Im lucky enough to have found a special someone again and are being referred to the gynacologist to hopefully get us pregnant.
I just want you to know you're not alone and hopefully this will be our year!
Good luck

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 07-Jan-14 09:10:52

"Only one thing I don't really understand (and my GP doesn't know) - as my day 21 bloods show that I'm ovulating, will I be tried on Clomid first?"

Clomid should not be given unless there is definite proof that ovulation is not happening.

BTW black/brown blood like you described in your initial post can be a possible indicator of endometriosis being present.

AnandaTimeIn Tue 07-Jan-14 09:29:05

Another success story here!

I had endo in my early twenties and it took a while (and a good consultant) to find it out, by laparascopy. I was first prescribed DepoProvera which I refused to take after reading horror stories about its side effects.

Can't remember what I did eventually take, but did it for 8 months and that also started me on an alternative healing quest. Did acupuncture, Bach Remedies etc. (Bach Remedies helps with the emotional fall out).
I think the combination did the trick.

They never told me which stage it was and didn't have an op.

At 36 I got pregnant within 3 months of having my coil removed. (I never used anything after the treatment and suddenly found myself pregnant at 28. It sounds contradictory to say I had an abortion but my life was in no way conducive to bringing a child into it then. I was stony broke and also the dad - even more broke! - was the type to have kids all over the place. He wouldn't have been there for me but I would've been tied to him for the rest of my life, being one of the "baby mothers" - ugh. I never regretted having that abortion. I am pro-choice anyway).

AnandaTimeIn Tue 07-Jan-14 09:30:33

Oh, and I did end up being a SP but he is a gift.
22 now.

Tinkertaylor1 Tue 07-Jan-14 09:41:01

Endo sufferer here! I didn't have the usual pains but after explority surgery , was discovered to have endo, blacked tubes and a twisted ovary.

I went on to have an eptopic pregnancy sad

But I cud have full IVF and had dd lady year with three frozen embryos in storage.

Time is a factor , even though physically it's on your side at the moment, so I would push as hard as you can to be referred to fertility clinic

Good luck !!

ifIsaynodontjustaskdad Tue 07-Jan-14 09:47:59

I have stage 4 endometriosis and was told at 25 I'd never have kids. I now have three, all without ivf so there is hope.

I have had three lots of laser ablation, two courses of dilated, two courses of acupuncture, twelve years of hormone therapy but actually what happened was after third lot of ablation I got married and because we thought there would be no kids we weren't trying and putting pressure on ourselves as we were planning to adopt Dd1 arrived 9 months after the wedding and I've been continuously pregnant or bf since. I won't lie, pregnancy with endometriosis is hard, I've had 4 miscarriages, but I have three babies. Good luck op, my advice is to not make it the center of your world, the stress may be part of the problem

Robbib Tue 07-Jan-14 16:22:32

Don't give up! I don't have good news but am really optimistic. I have grade four endometriosis and had my third laparoscopy in 13 years yesterday. My tubes and ovaries are in good condition and my gynaecologist moved extensive endometriosis. He has also recommended a natural supplement called DHEA and to take 25mg twice a day. He says it increases chances of pregnancy by 50% and significantly reduces the chance of miscarriage. You can buy it at I ordered last night and it was $47 for 180 x 25mg. Take a look at this article!po=33.871, it's a bit scientific but interesting. My gynaecologist who works out of Portland Street has suggested trying this for 3 months whilst looking for a good local IVF specialist and also seeing my GP with a view to paying for one privately, NHS for one, paying for another and a final NHS one and if then not pregnant it's not likely to happen. I'm also looking at my lifestyle as I have a very stressful job and need to make some big changes! Hope this helps. Good luck!

Lauren83 Wed 08-Jan-14 07:27:48

Hi girls

Robbib I hope you don't mind me saying but there's a lot of info on line about DHEA making endo worse, just wanted to mention that for anyone reading, don't take my word for it but do your research first, my consultant is is head of the ivf and gynae unit at the hospital I had ivf and he gets a lot of women thinking its a miracle drug, I took it between laps and even though I was on Prostap for 3 months my endo spread like wildfire.

I had stage 4 everywhere including bladder, bowel, pouch of Douglas, ureters etc, had several cyst biggest at 15cm, I had an hour lap in May to diagnose then in July had a 6 hour surgery where they did excision on it all, had a bag for a while and my bowel reinforced and it was close to tearing they thinned it that much, had tubes roved too as had hydrosalpinx in it. He skinned the cyst from the inside so as not to damage any more ovarian tissue

Lauren x

Robbib Wed 08-Jan-14 09:53:09


Thanks for this. It's really helpful. Before I start to take it I'd be really interested to know if you took DHEA and if so for how long? I've looked at the research and it's really mixed. My gynaecologist has a good reputation, I've been seeing him since 2002 and I think I can trust him. He recommended it for me with a view to reviewing continued usage if I fell pregnant and if at 3 months if I didn't. Do you think I'm mad?

Lauren83 Wed 08-Jan-14 13:05:39

Its a tough one isn't it, I found out I had really low egg reserve and taking the DHEA was a knee jerk reaction to that, I was taking it not to increase my chances of pregnancy but to try improve my egg quality before ivf I was having.

I know some ivf clinics actively encourage women to take it, but some are massively against it, I took it without telling my consultant and when he operated the second time my cyst had filled back up to 8cm which was unusual being on the chemical menopause was supposed to help stop it spreading, he told me to stop taking it immediately and I did. I read it can feed the hormones that encourage endo to spread, even if I knew this I would of still risked it to try help my eggs I think, I was desperate

In what way are you hoping it will help? Have you reason to think you have issues with your egg reserves/quality?

How many cycles of ivf does your CCG fund? I'm sure you already know but if you have a private cycle it comes out of your NHS funded cycles, so if you get 2 might be better to do NHS ones first them private after if you aren't lucky

We had ICSI in Sept and started our second ICSI in Dec but it got cancelled due to my blood levels going sky high, now have to go down the donor egg route xx

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