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Clomid and Success Stories

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jemunn Tue 10-Dec-13 16:22:39

hey everybody i started a new thread on this topic as others where popular but i just finished my first round of clomid today and need people who are going thru what i am to talk to and help support our quest on ttc.

Shellster52 Wed 11-Dec-13 03:20:42

I am not on Clomid at the moment but have tried it in the past, so don't know if that makes you feel I am going through what you are and a suitable person to talk to.

I just noticed no one else has responded to your post and this TTC journey can be lonely enough without not getting a reply here too!

I had a HSG which showed one fallopian tube to be blocked. So they put me on three cycles of Clomid in the hope that I would produce more eggs from my working side and get me pregnant. It never happened and by the end of the three cycles, the Clomid had made my already light period practically non existant, so I stopped. My husband had previously had a semen analysis done which was normal, so I wasted months thinking the problem was me, but a specialist andrology lab later reported his semen to be 100% abnormal, so that would be why Clomid did nothing for me.

Have you been given any diagnosis as to why you are not conceiving, or just trying Clomid as a first step?

plannedshock Wed 11-Dec-13 04:13:41

Well it's 10 past 4 and I've just sat and bf my clomid baby!!2nd round of clomid after 3yrs, I had it due to pcos. Dd 8mths now.

Shellster52 Thu 12-Dec-13 01:49:15

What do you mean by "I've just sat and bf my clomid baby"?

So your first round of Clomid was 3 years ago, but your DD is 8 months - so she wasn't a result of the Clomid but a lucky natural?

jemunn Thu 12-Dec-13 19:54:44

i have pcos and also had endometerosis..i had a progesterone 21 day test on 11/27/13 it was 12.3 so my doctor could not tell me 100% if i had ovulated i took opk everyday that month and never got a positive so i think i didnt so she basically gave me the choice and i said i wanted to get pregnant asap she thinks the clomid and tigger will work i go tommorow for my follicole ultrasound and tigger shot hopefully tomorrow then bd the rest of the weekend so cross fingers.. does anybody know how to test out the tigger shot?

j200 Fri 13-Dec-13 08:41:50

Good luck Jem with the u/s and trigger- keep us posted!

I wish I could have a trigger shot but my dr doesn't agree with them for some reason. Am going back next week to discuss whether I move up to 100mg to see if that works

jemunn Mon 16-Dec-13 14:25:14

well no tigger shot i had 6 good follicles so they told me to bd for 5 days then every other day for 2 days was really really upset but i hope it works i got a postive opk test sunday so cross fingers

plannedshock Sat 21-Dec-13 17:03:20

I mean I was trying naturally for 3yrs, they finally gave me clomid I conceived on the 2nd lot, hope that makes more sense!

jemunn Thu 26-Dec-13 14:50:43

no +bpt and im suppose to start today really depressed i know im probably out of the running this month and have to start over again with this cycle which suxs because ill be on a cruise but whatever i got to do ill do

Mkzoe Sat 28-Dec-13 21:39:17

Hi guys, all new to this site. Today I took my first tablet of clomid. Blood test on day 21. Really hoping they work x

BroodyWoman17 Sat 02-Aug-14 04:44:24

Hey guys ..I'm 21 and only discovered the other month why my periods where ridiculously irregular like I went on the implant thinking it will help once I come off it but my periods didn't return till last month then these past two weeks I've been bloated and I have had really bad cramps took a pregnancy test two days ago was negative and now I don't know what to do doctor is really unsupportive and she acts like she doesn't care :/ I've took matters into my own hands and ordered the clomid online because I was considered overweight I find this very rude because she is saying because I am a little bit over weight I'm too big to be pregnant ..I just hope my 6 months worth of clomid works if it doesn't work then I'm just gonna give up ..does anyone have irregular periods like me and is on clomid dust to all that are trying good luck xx

Paigesmummy89 Mon 09-Feb-15 10:19:47

Does anyone still use this..... Looking for advice

Inaiya89 Mon 09-Feb-15 12:40:45

Hello. I am a recent clomid user. I used clomid for a total of 4 months. I have PCOS. The first two months 100mg of clomid did nothing for me. I did not ovulate. The third month my dosage doubled to 100mg twice a day. I also went on progesterone post ovulation to help with implantation. It did not work. Last month i used thr same dosage. The thing that i did differently last month is I used preseed. I only had sex the day and night of my ovulation and the following day. Thats it. I received my BFP last week and going in for my bloodwork this wednesday. Oh, i also asked to be put in progesterone post ovulatory phase. I recommend preseed with clomid. It really helps thos swimmers. Beat of luck to you.

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