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Blocked tube (and possible PCOS)

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giraffecrossing Wed 20-Nov-13 22:28:55

I have been ttc #2 for nearly two years now. I was seeing a doctor who diagnosed my with PCOS a couple of months ago and put me on Clomid. I did one round.
There were a few things I wasn't convinced about with her, and so I went for a second opinion. New doctor felt the blood tests were not enough to confirm diagnosis (no day 3 tests) and told me to stop Clomid and start from scratch investigating. I feel happier with him but of course disappointed that I am starting over again and have lost even more time....
Anyway, today I had an hysterosalpingogram which shows my right fallopian tube is blocked. I am waiting for day 21 bloods before I make an appointment with my doctor, but I wasn't really expecting this! What is routinely done in the case of a blocked tube? And what are my chances of getting pregnant if it is confirmed I also have PCOS?!

suzylee73 Mon 16-Dec-13 23:12:53

I have very similar issues and had one tube removed during the removal of an ovarian cyst. The other tube is being removed on Wednesday hmm
I think worst case scenario for you is going to be ivf
My tube is being removed as it's blocked and filled with fluid

lucylea Sun 29-Dec-13 16:32:58

ive got the same problems, I had all the tests dones, ive bein trying for 4 years and only went to the doc the start of the year and being the nhs, there was no rush with them, I had smear, that came back fine, then I had blood test to test my hormone levels, that came back as I had low hormone level. so I was then sent for an internal scan on my ovaries, which then that came back as I have pco. so then I was put under at a consultant at the hospital, I then did the tests over again at the hospital I did the cycle blood tests waited for the results and the came back fine, I was ovulating so they told me I needed further investigation so on 23rd dec just gone I had the lap & dye test done, turns out my tubes are blocked, left one completely and right one has minimal flow, so im stuck now for another 4 weeks till they get me back at the hospital to see where we go from here. im 29 married with no kids of my own my husband has a 7 year old from prev relationship which means they wont even offer me ivf. so if they don't sort my tubes ive got no hope unless I pay for it but it will take us a long time to save that kind of money. which is crazy really cus if I wanted new boobs on the nhs id get them, but the right to be a mom I don't stand a chance. I feel like giving up.

UnicornsNotRiddenByGrownUps Sun 29-Dec-13 16:39:49

I'm quite surprised that you were put on Clomid before any investigative tests?

I suppose it depends on the individual but I'm having blood tests and hysterosalpingogram before they try anything like Clomid.

They did say that IVF would then be the next option!

giraffecrossing Fri 03-Jan-14 00:46:04

I live overseas and am having to go private. Cheaper than uk but still could run into a lot of money. We've been saving for a house so have a little put aside, but treatment will delay us on that front.
First doctor was an ob/gyn recommended by a friend. I actually asked her about the hsg and she dismissed me. Said it was invasive and better to look for alternative :/. Then when tests for PCOS were positive and she gave me treatment I felt at least something was being done. But I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't totally happy with her. So I found a fertility specialist while I was on cycle 1 and he said there's no point forcing ovulation if your tubes are blocked. Which turns out one is!
I was booked for a laparoscopy the week before Xmas but decided to postpone incase the hsg cleared the other side and has given me more chance. On 2 week wait but not very hopeful really. sad Think I'm going to end up with op and IUI.

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