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Anyone just started/about to start IVF? Join me for support.

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Shellster52 Wed 20-Nov-13 03:05:08

Tomorrow will be day one of my cycle and I will start IVF for the third time.

I know there are already IVF threads, but there are so many people and it moves so fast. So I thought I would start one for women who just started IVF or are just about to start, so there is a smaller group and messages do not get overlooked. Hopefully this will help us feel supported and remain sane (and hopefully a bit calmer to help our odds?!)

About me: TTC just over two long years. Found out hubby has 100% abnormal sperm morphology. Move on to IVF. First IVF I discovered I am a poor responder and only had two mature follicles and one egg retrieved (they forgot the other!!!!). Embryo disintegrated before day two transfer. IVF 2 I did the estrogen priming protocol after reading it was good for poor responders, along with higher dose of injections. Got 5 eggs, 4 were mature and injected with sperm, 3 fertilised but one was abnormal. The reamining two embryos were at two cell stage on day two, but they like to see them at four cell stage by day two. Both transferred at day two. I read many stories of women having success with day two embryos still at two cell stage but BFN for me.

Have since been taking Aspirin in the hope that I get more eggs this round. Have also been taking DHEA in the hope that the embryo quality is improved, but with hubbys sperm issue and junk food habits, I wonder if he is largely responsible for poor embryo quality.

sarahlilly89 Tue 03-May-16 10:34:08

Hello everyone..
I am starting ivf tomorrow.. im dreading the injections and im having so many doubts.. is anyone starting it this would be great to have a friend. thankyou

CatnipMouse Thu 29-Oct-15 19:36:47

Hey Bodhi this is an old thread but come over to one of the current ones and you'll be very welcome!

Bodhi74 Wed 28-Oct-15 23:06:15

Hi. I thought I'd join this forum to share experiences and get advice from ladies who are going through the same as me. I'm starting IVF next week and am feeling anxious yet excited. My husband and I have been TTC for 4 years. We had an ectopic a couple of years ago and have started private fertility due to my age (41) and my BMI! I'm well aware that it might not work first t e but am hopeful! Since going for our first meeting with consultant it has moved really quickly which caught me off guard! All test results came back good - me and husband - especially for my age, so no real reason for not getting pregnant, obviously just need a helping hand!

gemlouw Sun 12-Jan-14 20:06:43

Hello ladies, I hope you are all well. I am here for a bit of help if possible...
I am a student, studying Midwifery and have got to do an independent project on a topic of my choice. My housemate and her partner are just about to undergo IVF and I am extremely interested in the process.
I have therefore chosen to do my study on age of women vs the effect of the treatment and how well the nutrients from the injections work depending on age. There may well be no correlation between the two but I would like to find out.
In order to do this I need volunteers (who can remain anonymous) to pass on their blood test results etc so that I can monitor the results from the process. I need to know age, and then after that just the test results.
I know that not many of you may want to help me out but I am hoping that there may be a couple of you. If so, please could you reply and I can pass on my details to you.
Many thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Gemma Wright

Over40ems Fri 10-Jan-14 21:03:12

Bunnygirlie I'm on day 13 of down regulation. Have bloods Monday to then, hopefully start stim drugs tuesday

Eggsiseggs Fri 03-Jan-14 04:57:39

Hi all,
Sorry I haven't been posting - I had to step away a little myself, but have lurked now and then.

Congratulations and fingers crossed for all you BFP! It is lovely to see positive outcomes.

Sorry to hear it didn't work out this time Shellster <squeeze> Chin up, chick. Wish there was more I could say.

The clinic cancelled my treatment this time, which has knocked me for six for some reason. Hence the middle of the night posting, I suppose! Bit of a tough month. My sister, best friend and SIL all had new babies within days of each other before Christmas and I have (for the first time) struggled hugely. I feel very low and am annoyed with myself for it because if I feel like this now, I don't know WTF will happen if (and bloody when) I have the treatment and it doesn't work.

Am trying to work through anxiety now, but (as you can see!) my insomnia is back, I am having nightmares about people dying, etc and I think it is all to do with the delayed start to something I had geared myself up for that now has been taken away again. Lack of control, again!

Argh. Sorry for rocking up and dumping everything here when I haven't been around.

Bunnygirlie Mon 30-Dec-13 15:28:55

Thanks Olive I did start my own thread but it doesn't look like anybody is doing it at the same time as me sad

I start tomorrow Aaaaaaaagh!

Olive324 Mon 30-Dec-13 07:40:22

Thanks. Still early days but staying positive. This thread was really useful, got lots of advice and support from others at exactly the same point. You might want to start one of your own for anyone starting the same time as you. We are all at the end of the process . The needles are not that bad and it's a really exciting time. Just think of the end result! Good luck!

Bunnygirlie Sun 29-Dec-13 22:52:35

Hi Olive We are about to start our first attempt at ICSI (short protocol). AF showed up this afternoon so gonna count tomorrow as day 1 and start jabbing NYE shock Really nervous!

Just read up the thread, congrats on your BFP!

Olive324 Sun 29-Dec-13 22:31:26

Hi bunny girlie, where are you up to in the process?

Bunnygirlie Sun 29-Dec-13 17:02:56

Hi, any room for a little one?

Shellster52 Mon 23-Dec-13 20:41:53

Thank you for your replies Olive and Elvista. Wow, 7 IVF's Olive! My next IVF will be number 5 so I am about due to get some good news. I feel good about changing to a new more expensive clinic. The doctor at my old clinic had no clue and would ask me for suggestions! They were cheaper for a reason.

As you say, there is not always a rhyme or reason and I wish I had a camera inside me following my embryo to know exactly what went wrong! But if I had to guess, I really think that the problem lies in my 2 day super light periods. Yours are both heavy for a least one day.

I am forced to give myself a 3 cycle break before my next IVF, otherwise my ovaries have not recovered and do not respond. However I at least have an appointment on 7th Jan at the new clinic and hopefully I will get a good vibe from the doc and he will address my super light cycle so I can feel confident about my next IVF to give me hope to continue on.

elvista Mon 23-Dec-13 10:54:01

Shellster, you are in my thoughts a lot at the moment. I'm so sorry, it didn't work out for you this time. I don't think there is anything right or wrong that any of us can do other than give it our best shot. I think it's tempting to look for solutions but at the end of all this it is just random and all we can do is our best.

Regarding sex - we haven't done it since EC, mainly because I was too sore and then ET and the 2 week wait made us a bit wary. Hoping to sort that out this week! As for periods, mine are heavy for one day then very light as they regulated over the last year and last around 3 days. I used acupuncture (good for regulating cycles, womb lining and just about everything).

I don't think there is any rhyme or reason to why it happens or doesn't. Surround yourself with those who love and support you and be kind to yourself.

Olive324 Mon 23-Dec-13 08:57:55

Hi shellster, I m so sorry it didn't happen for you this time. Please don't give up though. A friend of mine went through 7 Iv f s and now has 2 year old twins. This thought kept me going. I'm also not counting my chickens yet as I know this is the uncertain time.
Regarding your questions, sex - well I must say after the constant trying for 2+years we kind of took a break. I think we did it twice between ET and now. It was probably about 3 days after ET and then I was a bit scared we might dislodge it or so something:-)
Periods. I think mine are pretty regular , heavy ish for about 2 days then not much. Over in about 5 days. I have always had a problem with spotting. I have always spotted about 6/7 days before AF arrived. Blood tests said progesterone was fine and doctors said it wasn't anybthing to worry about but I always wondered. I do wonder if the progesterone pesseries have been my godsend. Who knows! Maybe the progesterone was all I needed.
Anyway, I don't know if this will help you at all . It seems to me that it's like the black art. Who knows why or why not? Don't give up hope though. Hopefully your turn will be next.

Shellster52 Mon 23-Dec-13 05:00:30

Hello Elvista, Olive and Euro. Congrats to you all. I started this IVF cycle with high hopes, having learned from my previous two failures and thinking I was doing things perfect this time to get a BFP. Now it seems everyone got a BFP but me and having started this thread has made me more depressed watching everyone else get a BFP except me! LOL. I have to laugh or I will cry!

This may seem personal but can I ask all you BFPers a question:
1 Some sites say no sex/orgasm after ET, while others recommend it. Did you follow one particular rule to get your BFP.
2 Do you have heavy periods. Mine is always super light and only lasts two days. I had a great quality embryo yet still a BFN so if you all have heavier periods, I think my thin lining may be the problem.

Sorry that seems such a personal thing to ask. I just need to learn where I am going wrong.

elvista Sun 22-Dec-13 15:21:17

Hi Olive - that's great news. Congratulations!

Eurochick Hope all is well with you. Thinking of you.

I got my bloods done on Friday. It's a positive and the clinic are very happy with the levels. Have a early scan booked in for Jan, so I don't think I'll be able to believe it until then!

Thinking of everyone.

Olive324 Sun 22-Dec-13 06:46:04

I have a stinking cold tak1ngchanches but other that, great! Still in shock but but at least I'm not crying like I was when I found out. ( I think crying was inevitable whatever the outcome). I actually did another test today, just to make sure. How are you doing? Where are you up to?

tak1ngchances Sat 21-Dec-13 12:18:45

Oh wow Olive congratulations!!! So happy for you. How do you feel today?

Olive324 Fri 20-Dec-13 17:00:02

Plucked up the courage to test today( scariest moment ever! ) BFP!!! I know it's early days but it's the first time I've ever got this far so am obviously really pleased. Things still ok with you euro chick? Anyone else any good news? Positive thought to everyone.

eurochick Wed 18-Dec-13 12:04:55

It's odd howw different clinics do different things.

The pessaries won't affect the result of a POAS test - they don't pick up progesterone.

My clinic always does a blood test - mine is tomorrow. I know it will be positive but I'm not convinced this is a sticky one.

elvista Tue 17-Dec-13 19:23:02

It's funny how different clinics do different things. Mine suggests that patients do not poas because of false results, hence the blood tests, although I guess by Friday poas should be accurate. I'm on progesterone pessaries so maybe they're concerned that could make the test inaccurate? After all, they're the doctors they know what they're doing. I'm holding out until Friday - I don't think I'll believe it (either way) unless they tell me! Good luck everyone!

Olive324 Tue 17-Dec-13 13:25:33

Hi elvista. My clinic has never mentioned a blood test! They just said to let them know the test results. I presume I am just meant to test myself. Still holding out till Friday.

eurochick Tue 17-Dec-13 12:13:24

Hi all.

shell I hope you are able to have a good Christmas after all this.

I've caved and tested at home, and it was positive. Please don't congratulate me though - I've been here before and it did not end well, so I'm not celebrating this. I have my fingers crossed for a nice strong blood test result on Thursday. It was a little low last time we got this far, and that was the first hint we had that all may not be well. If I could be knocked out until this is all over, on way or the other, I would take that option!

elvista Tue 17-Dec-13 10:03:33

Hi all. Sorry I've been AWOL. Trying to keep busy, not hard with Xmas concerts and plays, although having to help with cutesy nativity plays can sometimes be difficult at the moment.

Shellster, so sorry to hear that. I agree with Olive that it's probably best to take some time off. It's all really stressful and isolating. You know we're around if you want to talk. I wish you all the best.

Olive, I think we're around the same stage. I am 9dp3dt and have a blood test on Friday and results Friday afternoon. Trying to not poas as I'm most afraid of a false positive - even though that would be very unlikely. When is your clinic doing their blood test?

Eurochick all the best for Thursday.

Sending positive thoughts to you all.

Olive324 Mon 16-Dec-13 23:21:23

Sorry to hear that shellster. I think you are right to take some time off. It is a really stressful process. Thinking of you and hope you are able to take your mind off it over Christmas.

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