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Anyone tried Letrozole / Femara during IVF? Advice please.

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Shellster52 Wed 20-Nov-13 02:27:59

I am 36 and about to undergo my 3rd round of IVF.

Round one I took 200IU of Puregon to which I responded very poorly and only got two mature follicles and only one egg (they forgot the other one!!!!) Round two, I did the estrogen priming protocol after reading it was good for poor responders. I also took a combination of Puregon and Menopur. This time I got 5 eggs. A poor response for the average person but much better than my first round. Of the 5, 4 eggs were mature and injected with sperm, 3 fertilised and two made it to day two transfer but they didn't take. I was told they were still at the two cell stage where as they like to see them at 4 cells by day two so perhaps that is the reason.

Anyway, my period is arriving tomorrow and I am starting IVF round 3. I plan to do the same protocol as round two seeing as it worked much better than round one, but I really want more eggs this round to up my chances so I am adding Letrozole / Femara into the mix.

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this medication throughout IVF as there are not many experiences with it on the internet. I would also like to know what days you took it. I have been told to take it from day 2 to 6, but the one story I did read on the internet said that she stopped taking it day 5 (so I assume she started it on day one?) and she got lots more eggs than usual so perhaps I should start it on day one?

Thanks for any replies!

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