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BFN, temp drop, but late AF - argh!

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hedgehog1975 Tue 19-Nov-13 12:59:55

This is driving me mad this month! It's the first month I've been temperature charting and I was surprised to see a nice temperature shift on CD 17, indicating that I have ovulated this month, despite the consultant telling me I didn't and putting me on Clomid (didn't take it this month though as I'm not happy with their lack of monitoring).

I am now CD 32, which is unheard of for me! I am usually fairly regular 27-8 days. Have been having mild cramping on and off for the last week or so, was convinced we might actually have done it after nearly 3 years of trying, but I tested yesterday BFN. My temperature has come down over the last 3 days, but still above the coverline. It keeps getting slightly earlier every day though as I wake up anxious to see if anything has happened!

I know there is absolutely nothing I can do apart from wait and maybe test again tomorrow, so this is just a moan really!


mawinter Tue 19-Nov-13 19:27:45

I have heard of some women not getting a BFP until a week after AF is supposed to show, so there is still a chance. Good Luck! I hope you get a positive. smile

mawinter Tue 19-Nov-13 19:27:57

btw which test are you using?

hedgehog1975 Tue 19-Nov-13 21:14:54

I am using the cheap ones off eBay - I've heard they're supposed to be very accurate. Just noticed they are a year past their expiry date though....I have been doing this far too long! Fingers crossed they're not working properly smile

I have a posh digital one upstairs for the morning if nothing has happened by then, although I'm sure posting on here will make AF hurry up!

hedgehog1975 Wed 20-Nov-13 06:39:44

I don't believe this, temp slight rise this morning so I just got up early to test and my expensive digital test wouldn't work - turns out it is also out of date so I have wasted my first wee and have to wait until tomorrow angry

hedgehog1975 Thu 21-Nov-13 08:16:25

Well my temp has risen the last 2 days, but got another BFN this morning, this time from a new kit that actually works.... I am either 17 or 18 dpo (Fertility Friend and my acupuncturist disagree on chart interpretation). I had acupuncture last night and she said it looked like I was pregnant. What is going on? This is torture, I haven't even had to test for about 2 years because I'm never late!

hedgehog1975 Thu 21-Nov-13 08:40:44

This is my chart Ignore the circles, I found out my time was set to 8.15, so have only been recording time accurately for the last week or so.

hedgehog1975 Mon 25-Nov-13 19:39:35

Just by way of an update, AF arrived 5 days late, no idea why. I am never testing until I'm a week late from now on!

Shellster52 Wed 27-Nov-13 11:26:31

Hi Hedgehog. I have had similar experience to you back in January this year. Got so excited when my period was late and kept getting BFN. Turned out that was the first of three cycles I didn't ovulate and that is why my cycle length was out of whack.

I think the lack of ovulation was due to stress after just discovering hubby's sperm is 100% abnormal and we would need IVF. We are now into our 3rd IVF cycle.

Can I ask a question. How did you type the word chart so that when I click on it, I am redirected to your chart of fertility friend? I use fertility friend and would love to be able to do this. I am not as computer savvy as you must be so simple instructions would be great!

hedgehog1975 Wed 27-Nov-13 17:13:54

Hi Shellster, it's really disappointing to get your hopes up and dashed like that, isn't it? Good luck with round 3.

To link to your chart, you need to login on the home page. Then at the top of the page, go to 'Sharing', then 'Charting Home Page', then 'Set up'. This will give you a web address to link to. Then to link in a post on here, you have to use square brackets - the details are down the page of how to do it, you paste the web address, followed by the word that you want to appear as a link, with double square brackets around the whole thing.


Shellster52 Thu 28-Nov-13 09:29:54

Okay, just practicing entering my chart as a link:

IVF Cycle Chart IVF Cycle

Shellster52 Thu 28-Nov-13 09:31:23

Er, let me try that again:

Nov/Dec IVF Cycle

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