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Should I really be put on Clomid?

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Ikabod Sun 10-Nov-13 12:19:47

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with 'classic' PCOS in June, after a miscarriage - I'd conceived naturally but had that horrible experience that so many have of turning up for the 12 week scan all excited, but there was nothing there… I was referred for lap, dye and ovarian diathermy and had the op at the end of August. The ObGyn was really positive about the results and I got pregnant pretty much immediately after. I saw the ObGyn because I was concerned about MC again (I was bleeding brown blood) and she was dismissive about my fears, saying that my eggs would be of 'top quality' after the op, and my uterus was very healthy. Anyway, I did end up having a miscarriage (on Friday). In the meantime, I received a letter from the ObGyn saying that if I did have an MC, she'd put me straight on Clomid, to improve the quality of my eggs.

I'm really not sure about this course of action. The operation should see me ovulating more regularly, right? Why would she want to put me on Clomid without seeing whether my cycle becomes more regular first, and whether I can conceive naturally again? Also, I've conceived naturally (i.e. without chemical interference) twice in one year - the problem is that my embryo doesn't get past the 5/6 week phase - surely this should be investigated, not my ovulation? Does Clomid improve egg quality, or does it just make you ovulate? I've not seen anything about it that says anything about the quality of the eggs!

I'm confused and don't want to be herded into a course of treatment that I'm not convinced is the correct one. It's little ol' me against a fertility expert, but I'm concerned that if I decline the Clomid now, I'll be bumped down the list later.

What do you think?

Pinkandwhite Sun 10-Nov-13 21:54:19

Hi ikabod, I am so very sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I too have experienced this and know how bloody awful it is.

I am also confused by your doctor's logic. My understanding is also that clomid just makes you ovulate and that doesn't seem to be something you have a problem with. Can you see another doctor? Get a second opinion?

Following my miscarriage, I read this article:

Like the lady in this article, I had my hair analysed and it showed that my copper level was really high and that it was a real possibility that my miscarriage had been caused by this. My DH and I have since followed a vitamin and nutrition programme. We have only just started ttc again so I can't tell you whether it's worked yet but I'd be more inclined to look at these type of options first.

I also had acupuncture following my mc and that returned my cycles to normal straightaway.

I'm not sure whether I'm being helpful. Sorry if I'm not. I'm no fertility expert...

On a positive note in terms of clomid, the one friend I know who has taken it is currently four and a half months pregnant. I guess you just need to ask this doctor as many questions as possible so that you understand the logic because there must be a good reason for clomid being suggested in your unique circumstances.

Ikabod Sun 10-Nov-13 22:20:09

Thanks Pink, I hadn't thought if getting my hair analysed, but am keen to start with a course of acupuncture as well as getting more exercise and keeping up with my low GI diet. I'll write a list of questions - my brain turns into a sieve in these situations!

I really hope everything goes well for you - will you let me know how you're getting on?

Pinkandwhite Sun 10-Nov-13 23:13:29

Yes definitely write a list of questions. I'm exactly the same as you in situations like that - my brain turns into a sieve. Will you be taking you partner along?

I'm trying everything I can now to have a healthy pregnancy - acupuncture, vitamins, hypnotherapy etc. I'll keep you posted. Please keep me posted too. I really hope everything goes well for you.

MistAllChuckingFrighty Sun 10-Nov-13 23:16:10

Clomid also improves the luteal phase, is there an issue there for you ?

I was put on Clomid following no real clear cause for infertility and here I am, 2 dc's later

not worth a try ?

Pinkandwhite Sun 10-Nov-13 23:33:59

That's really interesting mistall. I reckon it's worth trying for sure if recommended by the doctor.

MistAllChuckingFrighty Sun 10-Nov-13 23:39:41

To be honest, and I know this will be controversial

I would rather use a proven boost to ovulation than stuff that is not medically proven to make any difference at all

the only question is if you are already ovulating efficiently and sustaining a luteal phase then artificial stimulation seems inappropriate

repeated early losses may indicate not, and no amount of vitamins (in the presence of a generally healthy diet), acupuncture (unproven) and psychological input (if there is an actual physical problem) will be of any assistance at all

my apologies if this is a massive elephant in the room on this topic

Pinkandwhite Mon 11-Nov-13 00:11:44

Don't apologise for your opinion MistAll. I can see where you're coming from and I agree with you to a large extent. I guess from my own perspective, I just want to feel like I'm doing everything I possibly can to help my chances of having just one healthy baby. Mc can make you a little crazy particularly if no one can tell you why it's happened from a medical or scientific perspective. There's still so much which isn't understood about mc which is why I've turned to alternative treatments in the hope they might somehow do the trick. I'd definitely do anything medical doctors suggested first and foremost though.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 11-Nov-13 07:04:03

You mention ob/gyn; are you in the UK?.

I was always under the impression that clomid should not be given unless there is definite proof of non ovulation. Its main job is to make the ovaries work harder. I have never seen anything about this improving the overall egg quality.

If you do take this I would be crystal clear beforehand as to why and how long for. Also you should be monitored whilst on this drug treatment as it is actually quite powerful stuff, no monitoring would be unacceptable.

Miscarriage risk can also increase if PCOS is an issue, they should be still looking at your overall LH and FSH levels as high levels of LH can be implicated in miscarrying. They should look further at you to see if there are any underlying and not as yet detected immune problems.

Has your man been tested to date to make sure there are no male factor issues.

I would consider seeking a second opinion in your circumstances as it sounds like this person you're currently seeing is running out of ideas.

Mehrida Mon 11-Nov-13 07:29:23

I went through every fertility test known to man and was diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility. I was definitely ovulating regularly so that wasn't the issue.

The fertility nurse put me on Clomid because that was 'just one of the steps we go through before IVF treatment'. At the same time, she referred us for IVF as she didn't expect the Clomid to do anything.

You can guess the rest! DS conceived in the first month and is now a grubby, shouty and much loved toddler.

Oh, and we don't give a toss if it took 'chemical' intervention.

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