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Do I have ovarian cancer?

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Ames123 Thu 07-Nov-13 19:14:45

Please ladies help me.
I'm terrified, had a misscarriage in April, d&c and then no period for three months, scan showed rpoc, had second d&c and still have had no periods, yet intense period pain, pain at ovulation, trapped win in uterus, bloating and ovarian pain. Have had scan and been put back onto pill for three months to regulate period. Scan showed right ovary bulky and sticking to back of my wall( but not adhered) and left ovary had a 11mm cyst. I have had constant pain in ovaries for two week nearly now,constant tiredness, along with trapped wind down below, and pain when I urinate.

My question is, would the sonographer have been able to distinguish if cyst was cancerous or can this only be done by a biopsy? Either way my gp has said he doesn't see why a cyst of this size would be causing my so much constant pain? I'm so scared, I'm 28 and I know ovarian cancer is rare under 50s but it's not impossible.
Can anyone help with any advice, I'm currently not sleeping with worry and pain. All I want is a brother or sister for my daughter

mawinter Thu 07-Nov-13 19:31:14

I had a cyst a few weeks ago and one here or there on and off throughout my life. They can cause a lot of pain, wind, etc. I can tell you that even with my latest one which was rather small it caused a lot of pain when I urinated, so much so I thought that I had a urinary tract infection. I also had a lot of wind, ovarian pain, etc.
I believe if there was a worry of any other issue than it just being a cyst your GP would have picked up on it and you would have been sent for a biopsy immediately.
With a cyst as large as yours, how do they plan to proceed? Has surgery or medication been discussed?

Ames123 Thu 07-Nov-13 21:27:40

mawinter, thank you so much for taking your time to respond to me. What you have said about your syptoms makes me feel extremely relieved. I would have thought the same re: doc surely would have sent for biopsy if suspicious, but I just don't know with doctors nowadays! He said the cyst was very very small in relation to how big your ovaries are, so has given me Mefanemic acid (pain relief for menstral pains) and also bypuscopan for trapped wind, which does help. Do you mind me asking how big your cyst was/ is?

mawinter Fri 08-Nov-13 07:14:42

Yes, buscopan is one of the greatest inventions for women, it helped me stay somewhat sane with the last cyst and sane during periods with all of the scar tissue.
The cyst on last scan measured 3cm. I have had ones the size of grapefruits (which also pushed my ovary). I am not going to lie to you, but if your cyst ruptures before shrinking you may feel a ton of pain and burning sensations throughout your abdomen (and have shaky legs), if it does not go away within 2 hours you should seek medical attention immediately!
Since your GP did not give you any medicine to try and shrink the cyst I would go back and ask for some.

ammature Tue 12-Nov-13 21:34:12

I'm no expert but my mum had ovarian cancer and did not have your symptoms. Clearly something wrong though so push for diagnosis... Could it be endo?

Ames123 Wed 13-Nov-13 11:24:33

What symptoms did she have ammature if you don't mind me asking? Thank you for your reply

Ames123 Wed 13-Nov-13 11:25:03

Hi, I had the blood test done for polycystic ovaries and ca125(ovarian cancer) back yesterday and they both fine, ca125 is 6 and is normally over 25 if ovarian cancer, although elevated levels only show up in 75% of women with the cancer, I just have to hope it am in the 75%.
I still have all the pain symptoms, gp has sent a letter to push my apt with gynae through sooner for a laparoscopy to see what is cussing pain. I am still terrified it is cancer as my symptoms match it so much.
Anyone else had this ca125 test? Also gp said there are 10 cysts on my ovary at 11mm each, could these be causing the pain?

ammature Wed 13-Nov-13 19:56:52

Her CA125 was in the hundreds ... I have one myself annually now. She had fluid in her abdomen, looked pregnant. This is a symptom when the cancer has developed but she was misdiagnosed with IBS Chrones etc for a long time. She had lower back pain, bloating, problems with bowel etc, gas. They symptoms are the kind of thing women experience often so hard to pin down. But the Drs really screwed up. She died a year after diagnosis.

I have some problems now myself,pain in ovary esp when I ovulate, during sex etc. and I'm on the wait list for a lap as they think I have endo. It never crossed my mind I might have cancer even though it could be a genetic cancer.

Here are symptoms from cancer research but you've prob read these already.

Pain in the lower abdomen or side
Bloated, full feeling in the abdomen
Back to top

Symptoms if the cancer has grown outside the ovary
Cancer that has grown outside the ovary includes stage 2 and stage 3 ovarian cancer.

These may cause symptoms from the tumour growing anywhere in the area between the hip bones (the pelvis) such as

Irregular periods or vaginal bleeding after menopause
Lower tummy (abdominal) pain
Back pain
Passing urine more often than usual
Pain during sex
A swollen abdomen
Feeling of fullness or loss of appetite

In general I think bloating and full feeling is a common one.

Don't fret Hun, if you have cysts it's prob that. Honestly....

Ames123 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:39:10

Wow thank you for such a great reply, I truly appreciate it. The laparoscopy couldn't come any sooner. Can you shed any light not he constant weeing? It's ridiculous, I had to go back to my gp today as I was up all night weeing and at least 4 times an hour all day any yesterday, even though there is defo no infection.

Ames123 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:41:22

And so sorry to hear about your mum, I do despair with the nhs so god only knows how you must feel

ammature Thu 14-Nov-13 17:10:18

Dont know anything about the weeing. Do you have a UTI? I am waiting a year for a lap in Wales. Mum was treated in Ireland. She was 59. And had had a hysterectomy 16 years previous.

I strongly believe that you have to know whats normal for your body. She just agreed with the doctors, and they kept saying it was the bowel. Twats. Even when she had fluid in her abdomen they sent her for an X ray... Idiots. Thats never a good symptom. A locum sent her straight to A&E and they kept her in. I used to dream about burning the GP surgery down... Hemmm.

Anyway I live in the UK and have had plenty of shite experiences with GP's finally found a great one. Unfortunately the wait here for a lap is a long one. I hope my own problems are fixable. Very worried about my fertility if I do have endo... Best of luck to you. I really dont think you have the big C. Womens bits are complex. I'm sure the cysts are something to do with it all. x

Ames123 Fri 15-Nov-13 22:08:34

ammature my heart genuinely goes out to you. I never realised until this year with my own problems just how incompetent gps are. It's actually frightening to think our lives are in their hands. Thank you for your reply.It helps enormously to try to relieve the worry and distress all this is causing me. It's gotten so bad that it is completely consuming my life as if losing a child isn't hard enough. I am waiting to hear back from gynae to see if he will agree to expedite my appointment sooner based on letter sent from my gp. I had paid for the same consultant to perform the hysteroscopy and second d&c and now when it comes to him seeing to me via nhs he isn't as forthcoming! Didn't expect any less though to be honest! Is there no way you could try to go privately?
I'm considering what you said about the endo and read about the connection with constant weeing and it is possible to have endo on your bladder which leads to the urination constantly.

onemoredayplease Fri 15-Nov-13 22:35:51

what type of scan did you have? I presume an ultrasound? if the scan looked suspicious you would have been fast tracked for a consultant appointment. basically there are targets which have to be met for example it used to be 31 days from initial presentation to diagnosis. this may have changed -I no longer work in this area so im not up to date. your ca125 is fine again this is a good sign. are you able to see whoever gave you your scan result and ask the question thats in your head?

onemoredayplease Fri 15-Nov-13 22:41:00

sounds like you had an ultrasound. this cant say for definite if you have a cancer that can only be done by obtaining a sample of tissue either by surgery or biopsy. the scan can however identify cysts which look suspicious and require more urgent investigation. as this hasnt been suggested and your ca125 is ok I would guess that they arent concerned. but as previously mentioned I would suggest you go back to whoever gave you your result and actually talk this through in more detail.

Ames123 Sat 16-Nov-13 19:23:54

No Hun it was a sonographer within the hospital ultra sound department and they wouldn't tell me any results, the report was then given to the gynae I am under and he then went throughout the report with me, but there was no mention of how many cysts there were or their appearance (it was my gp who told me there were 10) and he said there was nothing found he worried about, but my gp thought otherwise. I am waiting to hear back from gynae to see if he will agree to expedite my appointment sooner based of letter sent from my gp. I had paid for the same consultant to perform the hysteroscopy and second d&c and now when it comes to him seeing to me via nhs he isn't as forthcoming! Didn't expect any less though to be honest!

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