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Moving over here from TTC board

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mawinter Thu 07-Nov-13 15:05:01

Hi I am mawinter. I'm 37 years old and living in Germany with my husband. DH and I have officially been trying to conceive since Sept 7th of this year, we had tried before, but never as serious as now, so if you want to total everything in we have been ttc on and off for 3 years.
The road has not been easy so far this time around, ovarian cyst, low estrogen, thin endometrial lining and it took 54 days for AF to finally arrive after coming off BC this time.
I have had one successful pregnancy, but that was far back when I was in my early 20's. Shortly after my daughter was born, I fell pregnant again, but miscarried short before Christmas.
It took up a lot of strength to try again and of course as you get older health issues arise. I had my appendix removed in late 2004, they botched the surgery and I got a prolapsed disc as well as some lovely scar tissue. It took them around 2 years to finally diagnose all issues and since then I suffer daily from pain. In 2006 I believe it was I had a cervical cone biopsy done as I had severe dysplasia.
When I finally throw in the towel and decide enough is enough, i want to have another baby already, I got met with my first obstacles (cyst, thin lining, no af, etc).
Due to all of my previous issues my doctor ordered blood work and found out my hormone levels were all over the place, I was also put on Mastodynon and Duphaston to help breakup my cyst and return AF. I was told once AF finally returned to come back for my next blood work between CD 3 & 7.
Af arrived on Halloween and we called this past Monday to have new blood work done and went in Tuesday morning. Today the doctor called with the results and informed me that while all the levels look to be in the normal range, apart from some possible problem with my thyroid I am not Ovulating and she wants to refer me to a Fertility Clinic to start Clomid or something similar, because she herself is not really a fan of such drugs and she does not even know if it will work due to my thin endometrial lining.
They are supposed to rerun the blood work for the thyroid and I should return to them next week for my referral to the Clinic.
The news is all still absorbing, I can say straight off i am gutted and just want to give up.

erilou38 Thu 07-Nov-13 19:51:07

Hi there. I do feel for you, you have had a bad time. I'm 38 and have been trying for 15 months to conceive. I'm not ovulating either. Iv'e had several day 21 progesterone tests in recent months, the last being earlier this week. Got the results today and as usual i'm still not ovulating. Got to have another test on Monday, day 28 of my cycle to see if i have ovulated later. Highly unlikely though i think. My periods are irregular, have been for about 2 years, some 28 days between, some 45 and others just 20! My doctor thinks i may be in perimenopause, periods become irregular in the few years before actual menopause. I'm under a local NHS infertility clinic and a few months ago after a scan was found to have 2 or 3 ovarian cysts. My hormone levels have been all over the place too. My most recent day 3 FSH level was 11.2 which the nurse said was reasonable. The higher the FSH early on the cycle indicates ovarian decline meaning low egg supply. Last year my FSH was 20 which the doctor said was borderline menopausal. I'm only 38 for christ's sake!!! No spring chicken i know but i didn't expect menopause this young! The nurse at the clinic said they will try me with Clomid to hopefully get me ovulating again as long as my FSH doesn't go above 15. My appointment is at the end of November. I just want it to hurry up!! I have children from a previous relationship but none with my husband, who has no children of his own. I just want to give him a baby of his own so badly. I don't understand how i have become infertile as i was always so fertile in the past. I always fell in the first month of trying! My last baby was 7 years ago. I understand just how you feel, i feel like giving up some days. It's all so emotionally draining and upsetting. I feel really low some days. Just want to hold my baby in my arms, just one more then i would be happy and content. Why is life so cruel and unfair.

mawinter Thu 07-Nov-13 21:42:39

I did not expect it to be so hard either. :/ Both times that I previously fell pregnant I was not even trying, it just happened and now i am left wondering what all happened between this time? As well as could one of my medical issues left me unable to ovulate, do I have a freaking tumor? My FSH levels are still okay the doctor said (4.79), but there is just something causing me not to ovulate and maybe it is my thyroid, but she doesn't know yet 100% and in the meantime it is gloom and doom.
I have yet to get a day 21 test done and I am actually going to ask my doctor about this next week as I refuse to fully believe it yet! Though a part of me knows that given my age and my wonky hormone levels, I probably will need help.
I talked to DH a bit tonight and we have decided we will at least go and see what the clinic says and take it from there.
I wish you the best of luck!

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